Sunday, January 28, 2007

Could You Walk On The Waters LP

Cranio at The Thing On The Doorstep and I agreed to post almost simultaneously 2 comp. LP's on Third Mind. Cranio posted the 2nd vinyl comp. called 'Life At The Top', an essential who-is-who of the mid-80's experimental scene.
Here's the 1st vinyl comp. 'Could You Walk On The Waters'.
Bushido is no one else but Gary Levermore, owner of Third Mind Records. Bushido offers 3 tracks of experimental synth sounds. Up next is Nurse With Wound with a lengthy track. Don't know if this track has been released elsewhere. The Legendary Pink Dots need no introduction. They offer an extended version of a track from 'The Tower' LP. Last one is Konstruktivists, here appearing as Konstruktivits. Glenn M. Wallis is the man behind the name and offers 2 dark, experimental soundscapes.
Cover art by Babs Santini.

V/A Could You Walk On The Waters LP (Third Mind Records-TMLP 09-1985)
1. Bushido - Somebody Up There Likes Me
2. Bushido - Sayonara
3. Bushido - I Like The Way You Said That
4. Nurse With Wound - The Dance Of Fools
5. The Legendary Pink Dots - A Lust For Powder (Version Apocalypse)
6. Konstruktivits - Tears
7. Konstruktivits - Smack

Could You Walk On The Waters


Antonin Marteau said...

What can we do if music blogs attack in team now? First 'Killed By Death' and 'Good Bad Music' did that trick onto punk maniacs, and now the Phoenix and the Thing play that double-team stunt! Oh, yes, yes, joy, joy, happiness!
Can we expect another pleasure of this kind in the next months?

Ifearsatan said...

Hey fantastic blog !

I'm doing some weird avant mixes at the moment if you are interested.

Keep up the good work

Curious Guy said...

Hello Antonin,
yes we were inspired by the KBD/Good Bad Times 'ping pong' idea. Don't know if we'll do it again. Who knows?
Ifearsatan, will add a link.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for posting such great records. Found you on a search for Shock Headed Peters, a record i owned, lost, then spent a decade looking for again.

This link is dead...any chance of getting this record put up again? Also, the Something Stirs link is dead. I'd love that one, too, if it is convenient.

Thanks again,


Curious Guy said...

Hi Lizard,
new links for both Could You Walk On The Waters & Something Stirs. Enjoy!