Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Batfish Boys - The Gods Hate Kansas LP

Requested by Phil Long.
Here's the first and probably best album the band released. Never heard their other albums but from what I've read it seems these are not that interesting.
Trouserpress on 'The Gods Hate Kansas':
When singer Simon Denbigh was booted from March Violets, he wasted little time in assembling a more conducive outfit. On The Gods Hate Kansas, the Batfish Boys take the Violets' dark post-punk and give it a traditional rock setting. Several of the best moments ("The Tumbleweed Thing," "Mrs. Triffid" and the terrific single, "Swamp Liquor") are reminiscent of the Cramps or Gun Club, utilizing creepy, twanging riffs and Denbigh's weird, roughly grumbled lyrics to create a bluesy, desolate atmosphere.

The Gods Hate Kansas LP (Batfish Inc.-USS 102-1985)
1. Real Rough Dude
2. The Tumbleweed Thing
3. Killer Sub
4. Mrs. Triffid
5. Swamp Liquor
6. Chronopolis
7. Lootenant Lush
8. The Birth Of Rock And Roll
9. Garth Rides Out
10. Hot Guns

The Gods Hate Kansas


Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso said...

This sounds interesting... the bluesy bit I mean... checking it out. Thanks!

Hg said...

God, I used to love that album. Can't remember whether I still have it, though from memory when I last had a flick through my (hard to access) vinyl about a year ago I don't recall seeing it. Looking forward to hearing it again in a few minutes. Thanks.

Nachete said...

Gosh, if they're like Gun Club or Cramps I'll love it. BTW, and talking about similar sounds, anybody has some Primevals stuff to share?

kaickul said...

sweet, thx. i have the other two albums and i think head is very good. not nearly as fond of lurve tho.

Phil Long said...

Many, many thanks for posting this! "Head" has its moments, but is a "straighter" sounding album (no drum machine). "Batfish Brew" is even more of a standard "rock" record, though I can't say I've listened to it in 15 years...

mug said...

Wow, thanks much for this one. Can't wait to hear Real Rough Dude -- it's been too long.

Sheerinertia said...

Thanks! As always, another awesome and hard to find post!

permanent daydream said...

You're not missing anything, I used to own Lurve, and while it was comparable to a fuzzed out version of Death CUlt, I cannot say that I was that endeared to it. Alas I got rid of it...I got rid of this too, because I can't remember why. Who knows, if perhaps I still owned that Lurve one, I could help ya out...

Oh foolish me who gets rid of things....

Highlander said...

Just gonna add my thanks curious guy to the long list above...

Anonymous Schizo said...

i downloaded this yesterday and have had it on repeat since. many thanks, i've never heard of this band, what a pity.

robby said...

I recently downloaded that one via emule. They were not as good as The March Violets unfortunately although it's recommendable if you want to know Simon Denbih's whereabouts after he left the Violets.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the appreciation.
Schizo, there's more Batfish boys in the archives.
Robby, I also prefer The March Violets, but the early Batfish Boys is interesting, compared to the later Violets.

Phil Long said...

Lurve is a compilation:
1. swamp liquor
2. hot guns
3. hound of death
4. lootenant lush
5. detroit chrome mountain
6. are you gonna be there at the love in
7. not enough blue
8. amoeba rock (b-side of "Justine", the sole single from the second "Head" LP)
9. the bomb song
10. i'm a cadillac
11. cooking with gas

Simon Denbeigh is currently the drum machine tech for the Sisters of Mercy and running a label called Jazzwank (

kaickul359 said...

i got off my ass and digitized head thanks to this and now i have a coherent argument. :) kansas is a very good album, but head feels more like what you would have expected from the violets ex-lead singer. a lot of the swampy/bluesiness is still there, but there's a lot more violets in it's dna. which to me makes it still my fave.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God I've been wanting this to be released on cd for so long I had given up hope...I LOVE THIS RECORD! Thank you so much. My ipod is smiling.

gomonkeygo said...

Thank you! My Batfish Boys albums were stolen years ago (loaned but "lost"? - if the story was to be believed). Been wanting to hear it again for years.

Anonymous said...

Thanx and thanx a 1000 over again!!
Ruined my vinyl copy years ago! Really been looking for this one!!
/Really Evil Pole

Anonymous said...

walter Said:

Good Job!
i love this band =)

Johnny said...

Had this album and thrashed it so much it was worn out. I think it went with a lot of my Gothic stuff when I downsized my record collection. Thanks so much for the upload i'll be listening to this ASAP :)

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!