Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yeah Yeah Noh - 12"s

Let's get back to some more In Tape releases. My second post on Yeah Yeah Noh. Posted the singles comp. 'When I'm A Big Girl' before but no comments left although it has been downloaded over 200 times.
The first one is the 'Another Side To Mrs. Quill' 12" and the title track is one of the best songs they ever did. 'Magic Roundabout Mix' is actually a remix of the title track. Weird to see a band like Yeah Yeah Noh doing such thing.
The 'Temple Of Convenience' 12" is the last release of the band before they broke up. Track 4 (a cover of The Beatles' song) is not by Yeah Yeah Noh but by 60's band The Psychedelic Filberts. They discovered the tape in the cellars of Barkby Road Studios. This song was recorded live in Hamburg and Yeah Yeah Noh liked it and wanted more information on The Psychedelic Filberts.
Side B of the 12" is one track divided in three parts. You can hear John Peel as they used samples of his voice while he announced Yeah Yeah Noh in his show.

Another Side To Mrs. Quill 12" (In Tape-ITTI 020-1985)
1. Penetration
2. Wendy's In The Woods
3. Another Side To Mrs. Quill
4. Magic Roundabout Mix

Temple Of Convenience 12" (In Tape-ITTI 023-1985)
1. Temple Of Convenience
2. The Time Beings
3. Mr. Hammond Is Out To Lunch
4. Rain (by The Psychedelic Filberts)
5. Jigsaw
- The First Corner
- Edges
- The Missing Piece

Yeah Yeah Noh


Anonymous said...

I don't really have much to say except keep up the good work! Hadn't heard anything by Yeah Yeah Noh since she carted her copy of When I Am A Big Girl off to London about 20 years ago. Good to hear it again (and these 12"'s)

Anonymous said...

Always wondered what that version of rain was doing on there

Good to hear it again

Anonymous said...

Been after these for years.
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

bought the temple of convenience 12 inch way back and contrived to lose it sometime in the early nineties.....so thanks for this, and thanks for this wonderful, wonderful blog.....mark

Anonymous said...

id bet my life that the psychedelic philberts never existed and yeah yeah noh were indulging in a bit of dukes of the stratosphere japery.how droll.
- lord cornelius plum

David said...
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David said...

Thank you! One of my favorite bands, and I did not have either 12"!

Eden 263 said...

Yeah Yeah Noh - they were legends. God bless you, I love 'em, even though I have Mrs Quill anyway, I can now lob it on my MP3 thingummy. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this; recently I turned up their cover of The Pyramids "Penetration" on an old tape of the Andy Kershaw show - it's the only thing I've ever heard by YYN but have always wanted to hear more... Theres a best of on Amazon - maybe my next stop. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, its been SOMETIME since I last heard them. Didn't they do a "proper" LP as well, I'm sure I owned one once (& perhaps still do!)? Great blog btw. IBx

NashSpaceRocket said...

the psychedelic filberts became diesel park west. they had a track on a cordelia records sampler 'obscure independent classics' as well.

Curious Guy said...

New HQ rips of the Yeah Yeah Noh 12"s.
Thanks for clearing that out NashSpaceRocket.

P.Ramaeker said...

The link does not work anymore. Just, fyi. Would love to hear this.

Curious Guy said...

Hi P., both links are working now (YYN and Marc Riley). Enjoy!

P.Ramaeker said...

Cheers for that, CG!

Stathis said...


can you, please, re-post this EP's?

Thank you very much
Efstathiou Stathis

Curious Guy said...

New link for Yeah Yeah Noh 12"s. Enjoy!

ana.nimus said...

link not working? please re-upload thanks :)

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!