Friday, September 28, 2007

Noseflutes - 3 albums

Here's the rest of the Noseflutes discography. Phil hasn't been sitting still and ripped all three albums of the band. Still need to listen to most of it myself. The files contain scans of the front and back sleeve.
'Several young Men Ignite Hardboard Stump' album released on Reflex Records. The other two on their own Rictus label.

Several Young Men Ignite Hardboard Stump LP (Reflex Records-LEX 5M-1986)
1. Perfect Cockney Hard-On
2. Romance Takes Control
3. Dreamboat
4. Bullet Enters Brad
5. This Is My Home
6. Lumbo/The Harmony Of Dogs
7. Holiday Time
8. Past Promise Broken In Previous Life
9. Why Is Everyone A Man?
10. The Sugar Ranch
11. Cowboy Factory


Zib Zob And His Kib Kob LP (Rictus Recordings-REAP 001-1989)
1. Needle To The Sackcloth
2. Yellow
3. Charms
4. Spitball On My Kisser
5. On The Same Level As Too Much
6. Fruitfly
7. Puffing Collapse
8. Pump Ass
9. Eminent (You Call Me That)
10. No Plans
11. Thug Thug Thug
12. Treated Older
13. Paradise Smells Wonderful To Me
14. Families Disappear

Zib Zob

Mellow Throated LP (Rictus Recordings-REAP 002-1991)
1. Mellow Throated
2. Ossified
3. Give Me The Keys
4. Lurkin' In The Jerkin
5. Dappled Offspring
6. Oven Of Arson
7. Farrago
8. Gum Goddess
9. Pressed Fur
10. Much Decorated
11. The Soiler

Mellow Throated

Thank you very much Phil!


Anonymous said...

Great albums...I also enjoy 17 pygmies band very awesome, any autumfair Ep's ?
and what about The Second Coming -The Return 12'' any luck ?

Really thanks for all the dedication to the great unknown music.

Curious Guy said...

Good to know opihue. I've seen an Autumn Fair post on Shades Of An Audio Daydream blog (see link in sidebar).
Still no luck with the Second Coming 12" :(

Anonymous said...

Hi GodManHero!!! I just FORGOT to request the noseflutes, and now this...You're great, thanx a lot for this, Maurice

Curious Guy said...

Well you should thank Phil Long for this. I'm just the messenger :)

Anonymous said...

2Gods2Men2Heros!!!! Here in Germany are not many people who hear that special stuff. Konstuctive destruction of the idea of destructive music, the deeper sense of protest in a positive humorous, more dada-anarchistic way. speed is not the only method to express aggression (you can hear german march-music on 78 rpm, that's fast'n'funny). With you guys the british way to play a fuckin' guitar will never die. fuckin' hell of fun for you, maurice

Anonymous said...

sorry, i forgot: thanx phil long!
btw, would you accept a request-list or would you say: fuck off and look around!? greetings, maurice

Curious Guy said...

Feel free to request but I can't promise anything.

Trader Woody said...

Huge thanks for the Noseflutes albums. I've got them on vinyl already (except for Mellow Throated on a tape from the band themselves) but it's great having them in MP3 format. They were incredibly creative, peculiarly catchy and are sorely missed.

As a request, any chance of some Big Flame?

Curious Guy said...

Simon, I only have the 12". Wish I also had the 7"s. These are hard to get these days.

Anonymous said...

I saw The noseflutes many times at Pirhana's in Birmingham around '87 and '88. Great band in the Nightingales stylee, they looked odd and biy they sounded odd, thanks for the albums here, will look forward to subjecting myself to the sounds ponce again!
Cheers Spence

Anonymous said...

I adore you. I have been looking so long for these, I can't even find the records themselves.

Nick Walters said...

Thanks for this.

I remember hearing the Noseflutes Peel Sessions, and it is an absolute joy to be able to hear their albums.

So inventive, catchy, funny, scary. Better than anything that's around now, except The Fall.

I will spread the word! Peoples lives will be better with the Noseflutes!

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Perfect because I had only the first one and I couldn't to find the rest ones, now I have in here the other albums, thanks for provide us the albums.m10m10.

UkeHeidi said...


Please do somene know why they were called The Noseflutes ?
Did they play nose flute in some tunes ?

Curious Guy said...

New links. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

It seems like I'm looking for things that were posted on your blog @ 2007 or so, and all links are dead…I wish I found your blog back then!!! These 3 released are prime examples…another is The Shrubs 'Take Me Aside For A Midnight Harangue.' 'Dead Links' should be outlawed!!! :0) Particularly when it's really cool stuff like the things you post...

Curious Guy said...

New links. Enjoy!

tiny tiger said...

hello would it be possible to re-up this & your other noseflutes (hardboard stump and mellow throated in particular)? - can't find this stuff anywhere save for megabucks OOP vinyl ! much appreciated if you could. will leave this or similar comment on the other noseflutes posts you have i hope that is helpful to have them flagged as "new comment" or whatever?
all the best to you & yours !

Curious Guy said...

New links. for the 1st album, you need to click on "direct download link" when using Solidfiles, OK?