Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bogshed - Peel Session 12" and Brutal LP

Here's another contribution by Phil Long.
Here you have the 1987 recordings of Bogshed. The 'Tried And Tested Public Speaker' 12" is one of the many Peel Sessions the band did.
'Brutal' is a great follow-up to the band's first album posted a while ago.

Tried And Tested Public Speaker 12" (Shelfish Records-SHELF 3-1987)
1. Tried And Tested Public Speaker
2. Champion Love Shoes
3. Little Grafter
4. Morning Sir
5. Fastest Legs
6. Adventure Of Dog

TATPS (new link)

Brutal LP (Shelfish Records-SHELF 4-1987)
1. Raise The Girl
2. Geoff's Big Problem
3. Old Dog New Dance
4. No To Lemon Mash
5. I'm The Instrument
6. Opportunatist Knocks
7. People Equal Greedy
8. Sing A Little Tune
9. C'Mon Everybody
10. Uncle Death Grip
11. Spring
12. Loaf



FuseRed said...

looking forward to hearing these... thanks massive for all the interesting noise...

Pogel said...

Cheers I can never get enuff Bogshed.

Anonymous said...

YESSS!!!! You're seems that I don't have to tell you my innermost wishes.Thanx PHIL, thanx Curious Guy. Best wishes from maurice

coach_mcguirk said...

Classic stuff. I adore Brutal, although I know it's got it's knockers. I love the clean sound, which seems to enhance the weirdness. "Raise The Girl" is a work of absolute genius.

If anyone reading this is on Multiply, I've got some unreleased Bogshed goodies here.

If you want to friend me on Multiply, make sure you put a comment relating to the music or this page in there, as otherwise I'll just bin the request - get lots of automated / phantom friend requests on there.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Ant, got the unreleased Bogshed already. For others, it's not difficult to sign in on Multiply. Lots of good stuff there!

Anonymous said...

Really good site.Any chance to post some Stitched Back Foot Airman or Dragsters-Stoked album?To those,who love Bogshed i would recommend Bedtime For Bonzo-some post-punk band from Belgium.Their full discography can be found on thethingonthedoorstep blogspot.I have listened up to now only We do have Cheese album and the first half of this could have been made easily by Bogshed.The other half is more new wave or some weird electro,but really great fun either.

Anonymous said...

as we say en los estados unidos.. you rock dude!
love you more, best bird in chesterfied

Anonymous said...

woo! nice one ;)

*digs out donkey jacket*

anyone got the peel session with the medley incl. us bands? thats so funkin' tight

Anonymous said...

If you've got Brutal by Bogshed on vinyl, you are a rich man indeed! It's worth a fortune - look it up on

Bernard Black said...

Thanks a lot! Great thing!

Anonymous said...

Just got the Step On It LP - LOVE IT!! Thanks for this - been on a Bogshed hunt for a while now! Also wanted the Tried and Tested 12" but the link to Media Fire says it's been deleted - any chance it could be re-uploaded? You would attain Peel-like status to me if you could. Thanks, Mac.

Curious Guy said...

New link for the Tried And Tested Public Speaker 12" of Bogshed. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Just checked your blog again and got a bit giddy when I saw you had re-newed the link for TATPS 12" - you have made my weekend and have achieved legendary status in my eyes. I am eternally grateful as is my i-pod! I'm off to revel in the past. Cheers, Mac .