Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Odessa - s/t 7"

Another contribution from Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso.
Odessa were a cold wave band from France. Don't know much more. They recorded a tape before this 7" and contributed to some comp. tapes and LP.

Odessa 7" (Murnau Records-1984)
1. Attente
2. Dark Inside
3. Comrad

Image taken from French New Wave.



permanent daydream said...

A great 7". Truly one of the standouts in the french coldwave catalog! (at least i think so)

Anonymous said...

ODESSA is a french band from Poitiers. It was one of the first punk bands in town. Before Odessa, it was IVe Reich which played in 81 -think so- with Oberkampf in their show in Saintes. IVe Reich split, one branch (Erik Gerard), created ODESSA and the other (Sion brothers) formed a punk rock band called OFFSET and after a well know local punk pop band called EMERGENCY.
So ODESSA was the new wave joy/bauhaus band; somes students inside. Well know guy is Erik Gerard, local punk, radio dj (radio show called Anthem, Bunker), show promoter (ausweis strahler, etc..). Odessa played sometime in Poitiers. They made one show, the first local punk show in Poitiers on 1982. This ep was payed by Billoute, a local bourgeois outlaw (dead in a car crash just after...). Erik G continued to play with a euronew wave band called La Strada....and after he created a psychobilly band called Pussykillers. Suicide on 1989.
Thanks to see this here....I saw them live was raw.
Fab Tigan 2007

Curious Guy said...

Fab Tigan, thanks alot for all the info. That's one of the reasons to run a blog. Much appreciated.

Flo said...

Thanx!! Really!! It's a band of my city (Poitiers) and Fab Tigan thanx for all the info!

the best blog!!!

dex said...

totally agree daydream, this is one good release. it makes me want to hear more of Odessa. the music is great.

Curious Guy said...

Dex, Fritz posted some more Odessa on his blog. Check the sidebar for a link to Fritz Die Spinne blog.

dex said...

thanks so much for letting me know about fritz's post. i cant stop listening to this stuff. its so brutally simple but yet so captivating and atmospheric.

PS: i tried downloading The Gentry's "fragments of truth" but my antivirus says a trojan horse is in the ZIP. this is the first time my antivirus has warned me in years. do you know anything about this???