Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cindytalk reissues

Want to let everyone know that I removed the download link for the 'Camouflage Heart' album of Cindytalk.
There are 2 reissues available on Wheesht, a sublabel of Italian reissue label Abraxas. Now you can buy the 'Camouflage Heart' album on CD as well as on vinyl. Also 'In This World', originally released as two seperate albums, is reissued on a single CD and as double album. Both very recommended!
Visit Abraxas for more info. I think the albums will be available from other mailorders too in the near future.
A 10" with new material is planned for release in February next year.
For more on Cindytalk, visit Of Ghost And Buildings.

Photo by Cliff Ash, taken from Of Ghosts And Buildings.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say that I love your site and that it's nice to see some respect for the bands. And while I'm here, I'd love to hear some Persona Non Grata or perhaps some Malaria....can't find the stuff anywhere. Keep up the great work and I'll certainly be vistiting often.

Curious Guy said...

Thankd for the appreciation. Persona Non Grata coming soon. I do have the Malaria 'Emotion' LP. Will check if it's out of print.