Monday, December 31, 2007

UV POP - No Songs Tomorrow LP

Yesterday should have been my last post but thanks to Burl Veneer for leaving a comment with a link to this stunning album. I couldn't resist to post it today.
'No Songs Tomorrow' is UV Pop's first album released on Flowmotion in 1983. The album lasts about 1 hour. The first 5 songs are based around the guitar while 'Psalm' that closes the first side is a peaceful synth piece with the voice of A. Darlington. Side B is more synth-oriented.
I'm really happy to finally hear this record. Has been on my want-to-hear list for a long time.

No Songs Tomorrow LP (Flowmotion-FM 004-1983)
1. No Songs Tomorrow
2. Portrait (Extended)
3. Some Win This
4. See You
5. I.C.
6. Psalm
7. Sleep Don't Talk
8. Commitment
9. Arcade Fun
10. Hafunkiddies
11. Four Minute Warning

link removed (see UV Pop Bandcamp)


Plastiquegal said...

This really is an almost cosmic event, for I was saying just yesterday that I would love to hear this album for I only have this title track and one other and adore them both immensely. I had been away and Voila! what a great thing to great the last day of this year...

Dare I say you've made my year!

Thanks to your blog and that nice person from the earlier UV Pop post!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

thanx so much CG and Burl for this -so hard to find- lp's always a pleasure to be sinking in your music...
wish the best for the year to come..
take care 'cos your fans need you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, CG, for the info on Do It Records! I love your blog, it has reacquainted me with many old favorites and enabled me to hear a lot of music that I missed the first time around. I am glad I could contribute something back. Best wishes for 2008! Any interest in a full Everest the Hard Way EP rip?

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the appreciation Burl. If you want you can rip the Everest The Hard Way EP.

Anonymous said...

Everest the Hard Way
Tightrope EP, 1983

A lost classic, I think, in the vein of Music for Pleasure or early Simple Minds. Four songs @256.

Anonymous said...

A timeless masterpiece, thanks for sharing. It was rare years ago to have their lps, now it's quite impossible, anyway a MUST, if you find any UV pop lp buy it!!!

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered that UV Pop are a going concern with a new EP available to download at