Tuesday, February 19, 2008

V/A Better Than A Poke In The Eye 7"

Here's a nice little comp. I didn't know about. Thanks to Sorrow-Vomit for pointing that one out.
All the bands are quite unknown. Except for Darkness & Jive, it is the only vinyl appearance of the bands. The sleeve doesn't look very promising but the music does.
The record starts with the best band, Prayer Before Birth. A great gothpunk track with female vocals.
Illegal Sane follow in the same style and deliver an excellent track as well.
Darkness & Jive play more in a gothabilly style. This band also had two 7"s on Red Rhino.
Kant Kino is maybe the least interesting band. They play more traditional wave with vocals that remind me of David Sylvian.
Too bad there's no info sheet so I don't know from where in the UK these bands were.

V/A Better Than A Poke In The Eye 7" (Lula Music-LULA 1-1982)
1. Prayer Before Birth - Echoes
2. Illegal Sane - See The Light
3. Darkness & Jive - Death In Venice
4. Kant Kino - The Man I No Longer Am




El Tel said...

The bands were all based in Newcastle. Lula music was a Newcastle music co-operative. Good to see this again, still sounds great!

Curious Guy said...

Thanks El Tel for the info. Still sounds great indeed.

Sheerinertia said...

kniSeems like Darkness & Jive have put their first 2 7inches up on their website for free download as well as their 2 Peel Sessions if anyone is interested:



Sadly, their last 7" is nowhere to be found... but they did release a new LP in 2011 called 'Rebellion & Romance' which can be downloaded through amazon here:


Suzy Andrews said...

Hi is it possible to have a repost of this EP please

Curious Guy said...

New HQ rips (also FLAC). Enjoy!