Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spasmodique - s/t MLP

First vinyl release of Rotterdam band Spasmodique, released on Belgian label Soundwork (La Muerte, Tuxedomoon, Esquisses,...). Started in 1981 after some members played in bands The Torpedos, Slum and Zum Beispiel.
I think the first release was a live tape on French label V.I.S.A.
Spasmodique's next release is the 'From The Cellar Of Roses' LP on Plexus in 1987. Follow-up albums 'Start To Believe' and 'North' were released on Schemer. After a line-up change, 'Haven' was recorded in 1990. The band split but reunited in 1997 to end for the last time in 2003 when singer Mark decided to leave the band. Only one CD 'From Villa Delirium' was recorded in this period.
There's also a book on the history of the band, probably Dutch language only.
Expect some heavy postpunk sounds with hints to the Birthday Party and Crime & The City Solution.

Spasmodique site

Spasmodique on Wikipedia
Spasmodique on Holland Rocks

Spasmodique MLP (Soundwork-SW 12014-1986)
1. Kiss On Your Scars
2. The Small World
3. Your Boyfriend
4. The Stranger
5. He's On Fire



Rommel said...

Cool stuff!

Capa Nostra said...

Great band Spasmodique. I'm still lookig for that live tape on V.I.S.A., i recently posted the other live album from 1985, they sound incredible.


Curious Guy said...

Thanks Capa, will check it out. I'm still looking for their 2nd album 'From The Cellar Of Roses'.

this twillight garden said...

Thank U Guys...
On my blog another live concert of Spasmodique [RADIO BROADCAST]...
I will look what i can do about "the cellar of roses" lp..
I have all the records but I have to upload..so I will see


simplydabest said...

Hi there,
thanx a lot man, I took this lp quite a long time ago here and listen to it very often, one more great band you made me discover ;)

(and capa, twilight garden, very good job too! ) you're the mp3 blogspots i visit the most

if you want I got the '85 live "Spasmodique Cassette" and the live @ Vredenburg Utrecht (but I might have taken it from one of your blogs :D )

you should take a look at the french board keponteam (wich I am a member) http://keponteam.org/modules.php?name=Forums
I'm sure you guys could find some rarities (or just good albums) in punk, oi!, cold... you'll enjoy

Cheers from France

Anonymous said...

any chance of a repost?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!