Saturday, May 24, 2008

V/A Complication LP

Here's an interesting compilation from Denmark. A nice overview of what was happening in Denmark around 1984. Most bands in the punk & new wave vein.
This album was released on Bondeskiver, the label of Freshly Riots.
I don't know alot of the bands except for HC punk band War Of Destruction who did a 7" and 12" on Spån Records, same label as The Zero Point.
The Sods turned into Sorte Sol.
Electric Deads released 3 ultra-rare 7"s. Great punk with female vocals.
Track 7 not mentioned on the Substans site but I took the title from Discogs.

Note: this is not my rip but a repost from the now gone PunchDrunk blog. For those who didn't get it there, here's a second chance.

Found an interesting site on Danish wave: Substans.

V/A Complication LP (Bondeskiver-KOLOS 2-1984)
1. Drift - Lys
2. Die Kapelle - Spøgelsesverden
3. Die Kapelle - Lukkede D›re
4. War of Destruction - Nutid-Fremtid
5. War of Destruction - Farlig Glæde
6. No Knox - Danserne
7. Johnny Og De Kolde D
æmoner - In Arms Of The Underground
8. Sort-Hvide Landskaber - Kærtegn
Sort-Hvide Landskaber - Et Lys
10. Tristan T - Hallo Hallo
11. Tristan T - Isolde Danser
12. Tristan T - Ansigt
13. Electric Deads - Fish In A Pool
14. Sods - Ghostrider
15. Freshly Riots - A Fall
16. Freshly Riots - Infantry



Albin said...

die kapelle released a bunch of record in the same vein as the track here, two lps and some singles which i dont like. johnny og de kolde daemoner released one album and some singles, then turned into walk the walk and released two more albums, one being produced by martin hannet. no knox only did one lp, somehow inspired by nick cave, and appeared on tons of compilations from that period. the compilationtracks is great but the lp is so-so.

Albin said...

and yes, tristan t had some members from end of your garden and released two more poppy albums and more recently a kind of best-of cd out now, avaliable through karma musik. great pop new wave stuff.

Paw Bosack said...

This site may be interesting for those of your who wants to check out more about the Danish punk scene in the 80's.
It's in Danish but contains a list of most records and a good amount of gig posters.

No Knox and Sods can be found on the Pære Punk compilation as well.

Mberenis said...

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Curious Guy said...

Thanks for all the info Albin. My knowledge of Northern postpunk/wave stuff is almost nihil.
Gonna check the link Paw Bosack.

Highlander said...

Completely off topic curious guy but do you remember 1978 Attic? Last year he posted the Chatshow - Shake It Down 12" and Dreamgrinder - Deeps & Shallows 12" and, for some very strange reason, I can not find them on my PC. Would you be able to upload them somewhere?

GoTh said...

To find others Chatshow 12" would be nice also.
The band has also released 3 more singles, "Dark Skies" (12''), "Noisy High Bad Thing" (12'' & 7'') and "Kings Of Confusion" (12'' & 7'').

Curious Guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Curious Guy said...

Unfortunately I don't own any Chatshow record for the moment. Maybe someone else does?

Highlander said...

Thanks for coming back to me curious guy. I've mailed English Paul as I know he was after the Dreamgrinder EP and, if I draw a blank there, I'll go harass Fritz.

Ole said...

1. Drift - Light
2. Die Kapelle - Ghost World
3. Die Kapelle - Closed Doors
4. War of Destruction - Present - Future
5. War of Destruction - Dangerous Happiness
6. No Knox - The Dancers
7. Johnny Og De Kolde Dæmoner - In Arms Of The Underground
8. Sort-Hvide Landskaber - Signs of Love (As in kisses, hugs, etc.)
9. Sort-Hvide Landskaber - A Light
10. Tristan T - Hallo Hallo
11. Tristan T - Isolde Dances
12. Tristan T - Face
13. Electric Deads - Fish In A Pool
14. Sods - Ghostrider
15. Freshly Riots - A Fall
16. Freshly Riots - Infantry

Also, Johnny og de Kolde Dæmoner means "Johnny and the Cold Demons
Sort - Hvide Landskaber means "Black / White Landscapes

Just thought I'd translate it for you.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the translations Ole. As I'm speaking Dutch, I could understand some words but Norge is quite different from my language!

Curious Guy said...

Did I write Norge? Should be Danish off course :)

Ole said...

You're welcome.
I received this comp. in the mail today ALONG with Freshly Riots' 1st EP, their album, an album by Freshly (which is what they changed their name to around 85, I think).
I love this stuff.

Anonymous said...

chance for a reupp???

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

thanks Mr. Curious