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V/A Bouquet Of Steel LP

Here's another donation from English Paul.
The 'Bouquet Of Steel' comp. album, released in 1980, covers postpunk bands from the Sheffield area. Sheffield is known for bands like The Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, Hula, Clock DVA, In The Nursery,...
Some of the bands like Disease, Shy Tots, Veiled Threat,... are only featured on this album as far as I know.
Artery delivers a very early track and also appeared on their 'Oceans' mini album although probably re-recorded. Simon Hinkler was still a member. Aardvark released their 'Unbalanced' (STEAL 3) and 'Cars In Motion' (STEAL 5) 7"s.
B Troop released a 7" in 1980 and an album 'Europeans' on Illuminated in 1981.
Comsat Angels deliver a somehow different, early version of 'Ju Ju Money' that also appeared on their 3rd album 'Fiction'. Never got the recognition in the UK but they had a strong following in Holland and Belgium. Their first 3 albums and early singles are classics, especially their 2nd one 'Sleep No More'. These have all been reissued on Renascent. After these they changed their sound and went off into oblivion although they kept on releasing stuff. Never heard these so I won't judge them.
I'm So Hollow deliver a track from their 'Emotion/Sound/Motion' album recently posted on Systems Of Romance.
The Musical Janeens released an album 'Sell Out' on Dutch label Plurex. Never heard it but it seems to contain live improvisations.
The Negatives also have a 7" on Aardvark called 'Electric Waltz' (STEAL 1).
Repulsive Alien delivers the punk song here. Has been re-released on one of the PAX comps. in 1984.
Vendino Pact's 7" has been posted a few weeks ago.
De Tian did a split 7" with Spires.
Y? is the band that precedes Danse Crazy , later changing their name to The Danse Society.

Besides the releases mentioned, the label also released the 'All The Naked Heroes" (STEAL 4) by The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor. A later 7" can be found on Systems Of Romance.

V/A Bouquet Of Steel LP (Aardvark-STEAL 2-1980)
1. Artery - The Slide
2. B Troop - Peroxide Romance
2. Comsat Angels - Ju Ju Money
3. Disease - Psychobin
4. Flying Alphonso Brothers - Video Date
5. I'm So Hollow - Touch
6. Musical Janeens (And Other Party Games) - Glenn Miller
7. Negatives - Was It The Night?
8. Repulsive Alien - Say And Do
9. Scarborough Antelopes - Here We Go Indigo
10. Shy Tots - Robot Maid
11. Veiled Threat - Torch
12. Vendino Pact - Secret Thinking
13. De Tian - Chorale
14. Y? - End Of Act One

Image taken from Rate Your Music.

Bouquet Of Steel


Anonymous said...

The vinyl was on blue colour.
Also 16 pages booklet included with details for the bands.
octopus GREECE

Anonymous said...


thanks for this one and thanks to Rommel I posted another RESEAU D'OMBRES for you.

Capa Nostra said...

Always wanted to hear that Y? track, i liked it a lot. Thanks for the comp.

frankie teardrop said...

this is solid. the comsat angels ar eone of my favorite bands, for the record. definitely wish they got some cred. over here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my vinyl was black. Did get the booklet, though. I always liked the Scarborough Antelopes song...

jeff said...

thanks for this one, cut my booklet up to make cassette covers a long, long time ago.

W. said...

Some great tracks on this one, very pleased to hear it again.

Does anyone know the "Beyond The River" compilation LP from the Reading (UK) area? It has several really good bands on it (The Stills, Dig Dig Dig, The Ballistics)? I'd love to see that posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, have just put a copy of this LP on Ebay, you can check it here:

Good luck if you're bidding!

Jorgon Gorgon said...

The most brilliant music blog I have ever seen! Thank you for both reminding me of someold favourites and bringing new ones to my attention!

Anonymous said...

shy tots and disease both had singles out ... search on for more info


Anonymous said...

Who remembers going to THE LIMIT when George Webster got all the bands on?
The Ultimate were mates of mine.
The Push - I knew Ray (went on to be a copper in 'The Bill') and Jerry (played basses with John Martyn, Joan Armatrading - still does, I think) quite well.
Thompson Twins were a different band to the one everyone later knew.
Deaf Aids featured a mate from school on guitar. Silver-haired Steve.
The Negatives were on it too. I knew Pete Eason in two other incarnations he had.
Molodoy were MAD!
Flying Alphonso's - Mick used to work at the same place I did and he knew another band I knew really well.
I'm So Hollow were another MAD lot too. Always liked them. Not sure if they did The Famous Field Gig with other bands. That had everything blamed on me - B*ST*RDS! I only contacted the F*CKING Bands to get there. SOD OFF ALL SODDING W*NKERS! Sorry!! That still gets on my goat 30 years on!
Def Leppard were another band and I'm still not quite sure what became of them. HA! Like EFF I do! They definitely remember The Famous Field Gig!
Human League (original being boiled line-up)- Who didn't know them? Boozing on West Street! Aye-up Phil! I still bumped into Phil on occasions when he's been dragged round town by one of his brood.

Where was that Famous Field Gig? Answers on a postcard to..... If you know me, you know where!!

Anonymous said...

Always loved that comp, it is a holy grail to me. Secret Thinking and this superior version of Juju Money belong to the few songs I would take with me to that lonely island ...

vierja clatro said...

First at all im very happy to find your blogspot with all the music that you uploaded, i reconised your work as a masterpiece. Second, sorry for my bad english, is not my primative language. Im going to ask to you if its possible that you can re-upload V/A Boquet Of Steel LP, because is not possible to get it on internet.
Again, very thanks for your work on the page uploading fantastic music.
Greetings from Argentina.

Curious Guy said...

Hi I'll upload this one soon but I need to find the file. Have some patience. Thx.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

New link.