Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vazz - Feverpitch 12"/Pearls 12"

Here's the rest of the Vazz output. Many thanks to Hugh who offered me to buy some unplayed copies of these (plus the 7" and a CD of his recent solo work) for a very reasonable price.
The 'Feverpitch' 12" was released after the 'Your Lungs And Your Tongues' mini album and shows Vazz from a different side. A great combination of Anna's ethereal voice with beautiful guitarwork of Hugh.
The 'Pearls' 12" was the band's last release. A great, more uptempo song. The other side is a remixed dub version of the same song.

Feverpitch 12" (Cathexis Recordings-CRV 7403-1987)
1. Feverpitch
2. For A Reason
3. You Haunt Me

Pearls 12" (Cathexis Recordings-CRV 7405-1987)
1. Pearls (Vocal)
2. Pearls (Dub)

Vazz (new link)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for both of the Vazz posts. I had never heard of them before.
Keep up the good work!

Fritz die Spinne said...

Ditto on Anonymous's comment.

I posted some Asmodi Bizarr for you.

bushmills said...

hey - do you still have any vazz vinyl from hugh? always loved the track 'silver' from 'dreams & desires'. would you part with any if you did?

Anonymous said...

hi sam here, longtime fan of the blog. i don't know how lucky i will be, but i was really hoping you might reup these in flac sometime. i have 256mp3s which i appreciate but flac will work better for a mix i'm making. thx anyway and i hope u are having a nice time

Curious Guy said...

Hey Sam, Vazz has been reissued and you can get FLAC from this bandcamp page: