Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cortex - You Can't Kill The Boogeyman LP

I've seen someone asking for this one and here it is. Thanks to Cranio for offering this one to me.
Must admit that I didn't know this band too well. They were from Sweden and already active since the early 80's. Had Freddie Wadling in the band who also played with The Leather Nun for a while.
The 'You Can't Kill The Boogeyman' LP is the second album of Cortex. This one was released in Sweden on Radium 226.05 but also issued in the UK on Ediesta. After this one came the live LP 'Live In Urania' in 1990.
Track 9 originally from Frank Zappa.
For a full discography check Discogs.

You Can't Kill The Boogeyman LP (Radium 226.05-RA 015-1986)
1. Arkham
2. Animal Man
3. Sex Trap
4. Shark Boys Die Hard
5. Trouble Comin' Ev'ry Day
6. Jazz't Like That
7. You Just Can't Kill The Boogeyman
8. Tears In The Rain
9. Rest In Pieces
10. Criminal Code
11. Wheels On Glory

Cortex (new link)


Fritz die Spinne said...

Cool Beans!

I posted their 1981 debut LP on my blog for you.

Sheerinertia said...

Thanks SO much for getting my request up- is there nothing you don't have???

Anonymous said...

thank you alot :). Love the "Spinal Injuries" album and hope that could also be quite good :)

Anonymous said...

hi curious guy!
i'd fallen way behind on my PH listening, so i've been going through and catching up on some old posts i missed. i thought i'd let you know the link for this one (cortex - boogeyman) has expired.
thanks again for all the effort you've put into this blog!

Curious Guy said...

Hello wm, new link for Cortex. Enjoy!