Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Indian Feast - Portrait Of A Sister MLP

One of those records that always intrigued me. The Indian Feast came from Switzerland and this is the only release I know. Weird postpunk stuff. They do two covers here: 'Loneliest Person' is written by a certain P. May but that doesn't ring a bell. The other one is 'We Must Bleed' from the wellknown punks the Germs. Don't think the punk purists will like this version though.
'Portrait Of A Sister' was released on Swiss label Helvete Underground. I suppose this label was run by the people of the band Copulation. Here's a discography, although I don't know if it's complete:
HEND 84001 Copulation/ABT No 409/Xerxes Von Munshrein - 3 way split LP
HEND 84002 Copulation - s/t LP
HEND 85003 The Indian Feast - Portrait Of A Sister MLP
HEND 85004 Jad Wio - Live A La Dolce Vita LP
HEND 86005 ABT No 409 -Same 7"

Portrait Of A Sister MLP (Helvete Underground-HEND 85003-1985)
1. The Time Is Now
2. 1000 Sacred Needles/Soldiers Of The Dark
3. S/S Traces
4. We Must Bleed
5. The Loneliest Person
6. Burning Cathedrals/Catechism

The Indian Feast


Anonymous said...

HEND 84001 - Various with Abt Nr 409 - Copvlation - Xerxes Von Munshrein (LP) 1984

bee said...

I actually bought this album once on a flea market because the cover art intrigued me. Great dark stuff, recommended.
Thanks for sharing!

Branko said...

Loneliest Person is a Pretty Things cover, I believe.

This looks very interesting! Thanks.

manik said...

Yeah, 'Loneliest Person' is from the Pretty Thing's 'SF Sorrow' album, the first ever 'rock opera' concept album,predating The Who's 'Quadraphenia' by a few months.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the info on 'Loneliest Person'. I have that Pretty Things album as MP3 somewhere.

\m/etal\m/inx said...

thanks a lot for this! =)

Anonymous said...

Hello, there is another production from this swiss label, who's number is :HEND 87007, it's a project with some members of Mars (Mark Cunningham) and Liquid Liquid (Salvatore Principato).
The name's band is : FIST OF FACT and the tittle is : FUGITIVE VESCO. there is just four songs.