Friday, February 02, 2007

Gothic Girls

Another one of those almost forgotten goth bands.
Gothic Girls were from Norwich and were active around 1983/84. Guitarplayer Chiff Mackey played in a snotty punk band called Dissolute Youth before. Drummer Rob Masters now plays with The Great Outdoors with ex-members of the Farmer's Boys. Don't know if this band is still around though...
The 'Glass Baby' 12" was produced by Terry Sex Gang.
Any info on Gothic Girls more than welcome. Tried google but I get more hits of the, ahum, erotic kind.

Outrage 7" (Backs- NCH 007-1983)
1. Outrage
2. Devil

Glass Baby 12" (Backs-12 NCH 011-1984)
1. Glass Baby
2. Borrowed Tongues
3. Glass Baby (MC Megamix)

Lilac Dreams MLP (Backs-NCHM LP2-1984)
1. Devil
2. Whores Song
3. Sweet Sister Soul
4. Bride
5. Borrowed Tongues
6. Lilac Dreams

Gothic Girls


Fritz die Spinne said...

Great rip of some great singles--Certainly nice to improve on the sound quality I had. As usual--great job!

I too have issues finding info on the band. Just like hunting on UK band Geschlecht Akt (German for "sex act")

Curious Guy said...

Thanks Fritz.
I'm not surprized about Geschlecht Akt 'cos all the lyric are about sex. That's what the ex-drummer once told in an interview for Dutch magazine Vinyl. He later played drums for folk punkband The Men They Couldn't Hang.

Anonymous said...

Ouah thanks , great work on the rip again.
I am very impressed, and i feel very spoiled.
So who's volunter between fritz and you for the Girlsoul 12"?

highlander said...

Impressive - never heard 'em before either. The Men They Couldn't Hang I always enjoyed aswell.

Fritz - Mick Mercer's Gothic Rock book only had this to offer on Geschlecht Akt:"Robbi-vocals, Seven-guitar, Richard-bass, John-drums. Pretty slippery sound, released a single on Criminal Damage, 'Foreplay'. Seven went on to edit The Buzz magazine, and is now in the band One, signed to Chrysalis."

Fritz die Spinne said...

Hey guys, I can do the Salvation 7" if I can get it out of storage. It has some small pops I am not thrilled with.

Anyone hear of
"Club Of Rome" (Jesus Wouldn't Like It / Germany 7") COR001 (1983)? Australian Post-Punk in the UK Decay vein. Looking....

Anonymous said...

'Gothic Girls' now have a fan base in Colorado USA !!! Chiff was my brother and was tragically killed in car accident aged 20 (1985)we still play his music and our kids now 17 to 20 yrs old listen too. so happy to read about the band online, big thanks for the bitter sweet memories...keepin it alive. adrienne Colorado

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Adrienne. Sad to hear what happened to your brother. His band won't be forgotten!

Roy said...

found the first one, Outrage, in a record shop in NJ for cheap. The lyrics are really funny if you listen to them...

Anonymous said...

This is Chiff's dad, it's twenty two years since his death & I know would be highly thrilled to know there are people out there that listen to their music. This is the first time I have heard their music for a long time. It takes me back to all the driving Chiff to rehearsals.They had a certain amount of success at The Marquis, rainbow UEA & Jaquard club Norwich John Peel gave them airtime on BBC

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. Don't think your son's work will be forgotten although by a small circle of people. The only problem is that the records are getting very hard-to-get these days. But that's the reason why I'm doing it. To expose somewhat 'forgotten' bands that deserve it.
Yeah Roy, the lyrics are funny indeed. I think they were a bit female-obsessed. Although you can't take Outrage that seriously.

Anonymous said...

here's a myspace tribute. maybe the fanbase can contact the page and help keep it updated..

oldskool said...

What a sad story. I had never heard of this band before but appreciate their work very much. This is solid songwriting and could easily have been one of my favourites back then. Exactly the sound I like. Unfortunately I never stumbled upon a record of theirs in Germany so you introduced me to them. Thank you!

brad said...

Found Lilac Dream at an outdoor swap meet in LA yesterday! Never heard of them but couldn't pass it up! Love it!
Thanks for the rips, saves me some trouble!

roverinexile said...

Any change of a re-up? Missed it first time around.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I always thought Gothic Girls were one of the best goth bands of the era. Really strong songwriting, and great musicians too. They were better than so many more famous bands.