Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dole - The Speed Of Hope LP

First post for 2008 kindly donated by Eleni.
Here's the sole full length of Belgian band Dole(named after a little town in the East of France). Before the album, Dole released a string of 7"/12"s of which some tracks appear on the album.
To be honest I didn't know Dole that good. The band started in 1981 playing covers mainly. But after getting more support, the band started to write their own songs. Their early tracks were recorded with a drum machine. But from 1985 they got a drummer.
'The Speed Of Hope' was produced by no one else but Adrian Borland of The Sound who sadly left us a few years ago by jumping under a train.
All of Dole's records were released on Play It Again Sam and the LP was also released on major Polydor and even in Italy on Supporti Fonografici (Christian Death, Attrition, Chromagain, Weimar Gesang,...). There is a CD reissue from 1997 with some extra tracks but this one is deleted too.

The Speed Of Hope LP (PIAS-BIAS 27-1986)
1. Slumberland
2. The Dream
3. Maybe Tomorrow
4. I Say
5. Rumroad
6. A Day
7. Third Man
8. Satellite



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Nice one, thx phoenix and healthy new year !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you. I used to have this on cassette many, many years ago. Lent it to a friend and it disappeared. I've been looking for it, remembered the music, but couldn't remember the artist or the album name. Now I've found it. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

very nice lp; got also the reissue cd...
can you also find their other works?

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I know a couple of these songs, but i never could find them on CD. Pity i only see blog spot only the 24th of november. Is the download still available? Unfortunately for me it doesn't seam to work, any idea what's wrong?


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muy bueno,gracias.


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Thanks a lot. Got this nice album on vinyl - and now it is in my iTunes library :-)
A part of a liveshow of DOLE at LA LOCO in Paris can be found in the french movie MON BEL AMOUR from 1987. A hot film...

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Hi there,

My name is Remy Willieme. I am the singer of DOLE. I am happy to announce that the band is alive again. we have recorded a 2 track demo CD at the Rockhal in Luxembourg, and played 2 sold out concerts at l'entrepôt in Arlon (Belgium). Info and music on

Wishing you the best for 2009 !

Curious Guy said...

Hello Remy, thanks for your comment. Wish you all the best with the band.

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Anyone have the Dole "Small Town" ep they can post?

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can you re-up this please?

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New link for Dole. Enjoy!

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can u plz re up once more??

Thanx form Madrid Spain


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New link. Enjoy!