Friday, January 11, 2008

Disappointed A Few People - Fuck With Christ 7"

The 'Dead In Love' LP was posted yesterday and Ormand Murk already gives us the 'Fuck With Christ' 7".
Sounds completely different than the album. Both tracks more in the goth/postpunk vein. Released by Disappointed A Few People themselves in 1984.
Thanks to the generosity of Ormand Murk!

Scan of sleeve taken from Discogs courtesy of Sorrow-Vomit.

Fuck With Christ 7" (Les Disques Noirs-NOIR-1-1984)
1. Fuck With Christ
2. We Shall Die Again



ORMUS said...

Hello, would there be any chance of reposting this?



Curious Guy said...

New link Adam. Enjoy!

ORMUS said...

Most obliged...