Monday, January 07, 2008

Five Or Six - Four From Five Or Six 12"

As requested by per23. I suppose this is one of the last releases of Five Or Six. I think these tracks were issued on a comp. CD on Cherry Red. But they should do a proper reissue of this band as they deserve it.

Four From Five Or Six 12"
(Cherry Red-12 Cherry 43-1982)
1. This Is For The Moment
2. Think
3. Rushes
4. Theme

Four From


per23 said...

Thank you so much for that one. :-) I'm in love with your blog.

If there's anyone who has there 7" 'Another Reason', let me or Curious Guy know.

BTW, does your nick come from The Legendary Pink Dots song? :-)

Thx again.

Curious Guy said...

Shared with pleasure per23.
Yep I took my nick from the LPD song.