Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Second Coming - 7"/12"/Comp. Tracks

A few months ago I could finally obtain the very rare 'The Return' 12" of The Second Coming so now I can offer a complete The Second Coming discography.
The Second Coming was one of the goth-tinged postpunk bands from Barnsley besides Party Day and The Silent Scream.
The Silent Coming did their first gig in Leeds with Creatures Of Habit (later Tea House Camp). They used to practice in a community centre but had to play gigs for the kids there.
Their first release was the 'Incest/Faithless' 7". They made up a controversy about this record as the Royston Comprehensive School choir are singing on 'Faithless' while having the track 'Incest' on the flip. So they told a local reporter that lots of people were complaining about the single. But nothing about it was true.
'The Return E.P.' 12" was the band's second release. A double A-side 12" single that comes in a textured sleeve.
Another 4 tracks appeared on the comp. albums 'Bites & Stabs' and 'Torn In Two' of which I already posted the best tracks from.
All records released on Torment Records of which I think was run by the band itself.
Frontman Dean Peckett later joined Party Day. Drummer Dean Ormston also played in The Silent Scream. Look into my archives for Party Day and The Silent Scream.

Incest/Faithless 7" (Torment Records-RV 666-1984)
1. Incest
2. Faithless

The Return E.P. 12" (Torment Records-RV 667-1985)
1. Return
2. Bedlam
3. I Gave You Everything
4. Angela

V/A Bites & Stabs LP (Torment Records-TOR 1-1985)
1. Scarecrows
2. Thorns

V/A Torn In Two LP (Torment Records-TOR 2-1986)
1. More More More
2. Take Me Away

The Second Coming


murilo said...

hi mate.. thx to do this amazing blog! i cant make the download of second coming stuff because its very heavy.. I tried to do this several times and did not..

sorry for my bad english and cheers from brazil! - murilo

Curious Guy said...

Murilo, I'm busy uploading again with 2 seperated files. Check back within a few hours.

Nico said...

Yipeeeeeee!!!! At last V!!! Still counting the days to get The Return myself! Thanks for the advance rip haha!!!

Curious Guy said...

Hope you'll find one yourself soon Nico!

CRIS said...

Incredible. You finally get the Second Coming hard-to-get discography. We're really apreciate the dedication looking for it.


frankie teardrop said...

excellent...this is some classic stuff right here!

in other news, i just posted on zero le creche...upon completion, i searched around for more and found both yours and fritz's posts from last year. hope you don't mind overlap!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that without this blog I'd never have anything decent to listen too... The Second Coming and The Silent Scream are amazing bands and definitely among my favorites. I am wondering if you know of the band Vendino Pact and if they released anything other than this song on the Bouquet of Steel compilation?


Curious Guy said...

I think there's a Vendino Pact 7" but I'm not sure. Think I saw it for sale on eBay lately but price went quite high.
Glad you dig the tunes.

Anonymous said...

thanks this one is really good

Kev Mann said...

Hi i used to be in a band post Tea House Camp called Dubh Chapter
they were signed to EG
Steve Hillage produced the band
1 week in the charts No.99
I think TH Camp were very jstrong band ...better than Dubh Chapter...they used really fuckin kick

i have gone on to other projects
and am still rockin now

Curious Guy said...

Hi Kev, thanks for leaving a comment. I've seen that you also played in Kindergarten. Think the 7" is on the Kill Your Pet Puppy site.
Never heard Dubh Chapter and I'm waiting to get the Tea House Camp 7".

cavity said...

I just Have to let you know, that besides a great drummer, dean ormston is a BRILLIANT comic artist. Check his work. This guy is amazing!

Curious Guy said...

Cavity thanks for the info. Didn't know about this but if you check the artwork of The Silent Scream 7", then it's no wonder.

pressvre said...

awesome band!
thanks for sharing all these stuff!

Dean Peckett said...

I really enjoyed reading the comments here about songs I wrote and recorded with The Second Coming 25 years ago. I've never seen anyone manage to compile our complete discography - Curious Guy has certainly done his research.
It's fantastic to see songs that were only ever released on vinyl still finding an audience - thankyou guys.
best wishes
Dean Peckett

michael AND miguel / miguel AND michael said...

Dean did you used to work in BAD in Leeds?

Curious Guy said...

Hello Dean,
thanks for leaving a comment here. Very fond of Second Coming, Party Day and Silent Scream. Records are hard to get these days. All the best,

c.a.taylor said...

I designed the Incest/Faithless sleeve when at college with Dean in Leeds but lost touch with him about 20 years ago. Where are you Dean?

dpeckett said...

You did indeed design that sleeve Chris - I remember seeing a Gustav Klimnt exhibition at the Georges Pompidou centre in Paris with you. You were always quick to strip naked and paint yourself for our art-work. I salute you Chris Taylor!
Dean P

dpeckett said...

email me Chris!

pressvre said...

hi,can you share mp3s of this Torn In Two and Bites & Stabs compilations?

Curious Guy said...

Pressvre, I'll try to rip and post the comps. as soon as I find some time, OK?

Ariel Salvador said...

the link is dead, re upload please

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!!! I wanna share this short documentary about The Second Coming enjoy and peace Ok