Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Screen Of Dreams - The Direction Of History 12"

4-piece postpunk band from San Francisco, CA. I know next to nothing about Screen Of Dreams so I would be glad if someone has more info on them.
I think the 'Direction Of History' is the band's only release. Decent wave with deathrock and some Bauhaus influences.

The Direction Of History 12" (Horizontal Music-no #-1983)
1. Call Of The Wild
2. China White
3. I Can't Remember
4. The Saviour

Screen Of Dreams (new link)


Fritz die Spinne said...


I posted the Voodoo Church EP you requested. Enjoy!

Marx said...

This 12" is very nice and it is hard for me to believe that this is only release from this unknown band. Great sounds!

Anonymous said...

In the early '80s, Screen of Dreams was a band I used to watch rehearse in the South Of Market street Area (SOMA) in San Francisco in the old Belfast Brewery Vat Warehouses on Bryant St. Those old Breweries down there that were converted into low level studios, supported a thriving underground Cold War Punk and Heavy Metal scene in The City and the Bay Area before they were demolished. My older brother Robert knew Jay, the drummer who worked w/my brother at Just Desserts, a bakery in the Bay View district. I met Jay twice, I remember him as being a cool, laid back dude. I don't recall if your album cover has their photos & names on the back, but Jay I also remember was balding in the front though he was about 29 at the time. Never saw them perform at a show since I was too young to tag along.
-Steve, 41, San Francisco 12/21/09

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This was the only ep they put out and there were some demo cassettes floating around that they circulated before this was released.
The band broke up shortly after it was released due to band members being confronted w/new family obligations. I remember my brother and our friend Gil (Gil Ford) were bumbed out 'cause they thought that Screen of Dreams had a real chance and Jay's Wife had just had a child and a breakthrough really could have helped financially.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for all the info Steve. The band is so unknown so I appreciate these comments a lot. We share the same age btw.