Friday, February 23, 2007

The Batfish Boys - 12"s

Another request.
The Batfish Boys formed when Simon Denbigh was booted from March Violets. On the 'Swamp Liquor' 12" you can hear a little of the March Violets influence. 2 tracks of this 12" also appear on the 'The Gods Hate Kansas' LP.
The other 12"s show the progression of The Batfish Boys to a more traditional rock sound. For many it is a downward spiral. Decide for yourself.
The Batfish Boys released another LP called 'Head' in 1986 and later shortened their name to Batfish for another album 'Batfish Brew' in 1989.
Track 2 of the 'Crocodile Tears' 12" originally by The Chocolate Watch Band.

Swamp Liquor 12" (Batfish Incorporated-USS 101-1985)
1. Swamp Liquor
2. Hound Of Death
3. Hot Guns

Crocodile Tears 12" (Batfish Incorporated-USS 105-1985)
1. Not Enough Blue
2. Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In)
3. Detroit Chrome Mountain
4. Peacock Machinery

The Bomb Song 12" (Batfish Incorporated-USS 108-1987)
1. The Bomb Song
2. I'm A Cadillac
3. Cooking With Gas

The Batfish Boys


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Batfisg Boys you posted
Except albums you mentioned BATFISH
/BOYS released a compilation album Lurve:Some kinda Flashback /1989 Twillight/ and as BATFISH - Batfish Brew /GWER Rec.1989
Bye Karlos

Anonymous said...

yeah, exist a single BATFISH - Purple Dust from 1988 or so

Highlander said...

I haven't heard the Batfish Boys (hard to believe) so you are filling in a gap here Curious Guy - thanks.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Thanks for these--I rather prefer the earlier Batfish Boys stuff myself.

I added Zero le Creche and that 13th Chime Demo to my blog. Have fun, CG!

Gregor Ian Chant said...

Thanks! Another great addition. Looking forward to maybe the Batfish Boys album and more S-Haters. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Although a big departure from the March Violets sound, The Gods Hate Kansas does indeed still have the feel of the band and felt like a great new adventure. I've only ever heard Bomb Song and Justine from after 1985.

annie's animal said...

hi Curious Guy do you know what happened with "are friend electric" ?
check it.

julian miller said...

wow, I bought a vinyl copy of "Head" several months ago that I want to get converted to mp3. Thanks much.

julian miller said...

I can't get the file to download fully - it runs at around 20KBps then cuts off about 10 minutes into it. ouch! I really want to hear these songs again.

Curious Guy said...

Julian, just try again on another moment of the day/night. Server's probably too busy. Hope it helps.

Dan said...

hi, Is it normal what´s happening with quickshare? I´ts already a week that I can´t download anything!
Help please!

Dan said...

hej, quicksharing sucks! is it possible that I spent a week trying to download lots of files and I couldn´t even get ONE?
Please help me!

Curious Guy said...

Anyone out there who can help Dan? I never have problems with QS. Sometimes it takes a while before the QS page shows up. Otherwise try another moment of the day.
I'm not going tu use rapidshare 'cos too many bloggers have problems with their files getting deleted. said...

Anyone have the albums as mp3s? I loved the Batfish Boys (particularly the early stuff). Saw them live somewhere in Lincolnshire in about 1985 or 1986 - it was just before "Head" came out.

Please could someone let me know if they do have the albums in digital form? Cheers, Phil.

Soul Mining said...

hey great blog
does anyone remember (or have files of ) 3000 revs?
they were great

Curious Guy said...

Don't know 'em. I'll check it out.

tuxon88 said...

Thanks for your hard work doing these Batfish Boys vinyl transfers, they sound totally awesome, really enjoying them, thanks!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!