Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Executive Slacks - You Can't Hum When You're Dead LP

Here's a request by Acts Of Worship.
The 'You Can't Hum When You're Dead' LP is actually a compilation of 2 12"s and a comp.track. The First 4 tracks appeared on their first release in 1983, a self-titled 12". Tracks 6 to 9 appeared on the 'Our Lady' 12" in 1984. This one was co-produced by Youth (Killing Joke). He also played bass on 'I'm Coming'. 'Sexual Witchcraft' was recorded in 1982 and appeared on the 'I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia' comp.LP from 1983. Other, more well known bands on this comp. are Bunnydrums, The Stickmen and Pretty Poison.
Trouserpress on the Executive Slacks:
Philadelphia's Executive Slacks started out playing a searing combination of electronics, guitar/vocals and percussion. On the trio's first EP, Matt Marello sings with hysterical urgency and unnerving calm while spewing white-hot guitar noise out over steady, pulsing Residents- like backing complete with found tape noises. The impact is gratingly industrial but also emotional — it isn't the sheer assault that makes you uneasy, it's the whole demented concoction.

You Can't Hum When You're Dead LP (Fundamental Music-Save 3-1984)
1. The Bus
2. 30 Years
3. Cinema
4. So Mote It Be
5. Sexual Witchcraft
6. Our Lady
7. Man Of Christ
8. I'm Coming
9. Our Lady (Yoof Dub)

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Executive Slacks


Jordan said...

bless you, child.

Anonymous said...

do you think you can post 'salvation' girlsoul- 12".
Sorry to ask again, but i admit you rip kills.
Thanks for Exective Slacks

Slobodan Burgher said...

Interesting, thanks shall listen to it later. Just posted update omn Totally Fluffy.

Btw, did you get Stool Pigeon in the mail?

Oh, and the Sacrilege MLP is supergood, I like it a lot! Are the demos as good I wonder...?

Cheers mate, snowstorm in London today brrrr!


friend electric said...

thnx, I've only got the "Best of"-CD where lot of stuff is missing

Fritz die Spinne said...

Ditto on Friend Electric's comment! I had a burn of the first EP, but yours is strangely better...go figure.

annie's animal said...

hi Phoenix Hairpins, a question. Do you have the same problem i have with the pictures ?
(sometimes the blog doesn't show them)

Curious Guy said...

Yes I know the 'Repressed' CD is nothing more than an anthology.Seems that their 'Fire And Ice' album has been reissued recently. Personally I think it's their weakest.
Annie, I sometimes have the same problem. A blogger thing I suppose. Just click on refresh. My page sometimes loads very slow.

Acts Of Worship said...

Nothing more to add except a big Cheers Mate! I'm happily humming ever after...

roach said...

GREAT! This brings me back to 1987 when I used to ride around with my friends in high school blaring this album. We also blasted it in an abandoned missle silo where we used to play lazer tag. Ah those were the days!

Ryan Catcher said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!