Friday, February 16, 2007

In Excelsis - Prey LP

In Excelsis formed in 1983 when UK Decay split up. Guitarplayer Spon asked ex-Ritual members Mark Bond and Errol Blythe to start a new band.
In Excelsis released three 12"s during their existence. The 'Prey' album is a posthumous release containing tracks of the 12"s but most of them in a remixed form. 2 tracks were never released before: 'Bassman Trigger Happy' and 'Militia'. The last 2 tracks were recorded live at the Moonlight Club in 1984. Here you can listen to 'Vows' in it's entire version.
In Excelsis also did a Peel session. Anyone has a copy?
The first 12", 'Carnival Of Damocles' can be found on the Punks On Postcards blog.
Another ex-UK Decay band, Furyo is posted on Cactus Mouth Informer.
Visit the UK Decay site for more info on In Excelsis.

Note: live tracks ripped as one track.

Prey LP (Jungle Records-Freud 8-1985)
1. One Man's Heaven (Dub)
2. Eve
3. Love Lies
4. Fire
5. Bassman Trigger Happy
6. One Day (Dub)
7. Bonanza (Remix)
8. Militia
9. Vows
10. The Window Of Innocence

Prey (re-up)


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Highlander said...

good call curious guy - grabbed with thanks and nice request to fritz. listening to 13th chime while i type.

John Liedown said...

Another C90 for the land fill.
Cheers Curious. Nice to hear this without dropouts & a whirring turntable. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful always!
I have a dream uk decay 'For madmen Only' ripped by you .....
will be an unforgettable monument....
Thanks so much mate for the great stuff you do


bitterandrew said...

Very nice! That's another album to cross off my wishlist.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i like this for me unknown band. RITUAL is possible?

Curious Guy said...

Karlos, check the archives (October) for RITUAL.

Christus said...

Any way you could re-up these? I'm dyin to hear them.


Curious Guy said...

All my quicksharing files are deleted (see frontpage). In excelsis is busy uploading. Expect it this evening. Other re-up demands, please post them on my last post. Thanks!

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