Saturday, February 10, 2007

Red Beat - The Missing Album

I recently obtained the Red Beat CD 'The Missing Album'. It collects all the recorded output of this postpunk band from the early 80's. In fact, the 'Dream Dub' song is omitted.
Red Beat did 3 releases. First one is the 'Machines In Motion' 12" on Killing Joke's Malicious Damage label. Second one is the 'See/Survival' 7" and 3rd one the 'Dream' 12", both on their own Manic Machine label.
The CD also contains the four tracks of the Peel session they did and an unreleased track called 'Shadowboxing'. If you like their records, you'll definitely need those tracks. It also has a small booklet with all the lyrics and a Red Beat history.
Now you won't find this CD on Amazon, Gemm, Musicstack or your local recordshop. It's exclusively distributed by Paul Jones himself through the Manic Machine site. Don't hesitate to contact him for further details. He's a nice person to communicate with and will reply quite fast.

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