Saturday, February 10, 2007

Salvation - Girlsoul 12"

Here's another request, this time by Pokemi.
The 'Girlsoul' 12" was the first release of Salvation. It was produced by Andrew Eldritch of The Sisters Of Mercy. They even used Dr. Avalanche, the well known drum machine of the Sisters.
Salvation did their first gig in 1985 and produced many more records. The sound changed a lot after this 12". The band called it psychedelic goth. You can already hear the psyche influence in the lengthy 'Dust Up' track.
The 'Girlsoul' 12" has never been re-released except for the title track.
For more info on Salvation, check the band site here.

Girlsoul 12" (Merciful Release-MRX 025-1983)
1. Girlsoul
2. Evelyn
3. Dust Up



Anonymous said...

Woah , i can't believe, thanks so much Curious Guy . I don't know what to say . The quality of your rip Kills - HUGE THANKS
I will be happy to help you in any of your request please let me know
cheers mate!


Highlander said...

more quality stuff curious guy and I think you can tell its doktor avalanche...something to do with his style ;)

Marx said...

This 12" is real gem. Great rhythms and epic AA-side Dust up. Ripped CD of this 12" got relentless play in my car player. However, it is imperative to say that Salvation were at that time on Merciful release. Connection to Mr. Eldritch secures plenty sales , and band was encouraged to record their debut album. It should have been called Clash of dreams, it was recorded , but then it came to bad caracter of Andrew Eldritch who at first postponned and then fully cancelled the release of six songs to be on the album (And if it is to believe , this was full album , not MiniLP as customable those fine days). The band went through personell changes and changed the sound drastically... but that is for another story. Only track from cancelled LP was Sea of dreams, later put on debut LP Diamonds are forever, and then re-recorded as Leave by day on second album Sass.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!