Tuesday, February 20, 2007

S-Haters - Singles

Someone asked for some S-Haters.
Here are the first 2 records the band ever released. They were issued on Outer Himalayan Records, the label of Rudimentary Peni. S-Haters were from Watford and existed already in the late '70's. I think Nick Blinko has been a member in a very early stage.
S-Haters went on to release more records for Midnight Music. Expect these to appear here some time.
Additional info on S-Haters more than welcome.

Note: records are old so expect some vinyl noise.

Death Of A Vampire 7" (Outer Himalayan-OHR 002-1981)
1. Death Of A Vampire
2. Research

Stories As Cold As The Irish Sea 7" (Outer Himalayan-OHR 005-1982)
1. The Deepest Of Reds
2. Drift
3. Industry & Nature



annie's animal said...

VERY interesting band !!!!
we are waiting for their lp :)
by the way how many lp's did they released ?

(i'll post maybe tommorrow reality control)

Dion Von Wolfenstein said...

Much appreciated!

Slobodan Burgher said...

Thank you, think I caught a mention on this band somewhere, now thanks to you I get to hear them too!

Ps. "records are old so expect some vinyl noise" - in some cultures this is considered a positive addition, the socalled "authentic vinyl experience" ha ha ha. ds

Curious Guy said...

Annie, I know of their 'Come' LP.Don't know if there's another one. Also 2 12"s. Thanks for the 'other' Exitstance demo.
Dion, thanks for the appreciation.
Slobodan, yeah I know that punks like some crackling of the vinyl :)

Roman Empire said...

Great!!! I didn't even know these 7"s existed - just knew about the 12"s on Midnight. By the Way - the follow-up Band was called The Underlings - they also had at least one Mini-Album out on Midnight. Anyways, lookink forward to hear the 12"s again! And thank you so much for these! Keep on keepin' on! You make my life a little brighter.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Always neat to find new music, escpecially when it is over 20 years old!

Michael said...

Hey - great post.
I had both of these when they came out.

bX-59cppw said...

"Death Of A Vampire" -> like Soft Drinks having swallowed punk steroids / perfect!

Anonymous said...

any chance o' a re-up? many thanx in advance!!!!

Anonymous said...

curious guy YA RULZ!!! thank ya so much!!! hearin' this is mind-blowin'!!! now if it ain't a bother how 'bouts breathin' new life into th' underlings posts?!? hmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Curious Guy said...

Good idea! I want to re-rip them at higher bitrate. I'll try to do this this weekend.

zuiop said...

Please re-up!! Thanks

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!