Sunday, March 11, 2007

Five Or Six - Polar Exposure MLP

'Polar Expore' is I suppose, Five Or Six's second release after the 'Another Reason' 7". Never reissued.
The title track appears on the first side (45 RPM). The second side plays at 33 RPM and is a collection of 4-track home recordings and live recordings from different gigs in Holland.

Polar Exposure MLP (Cherry Red-12 Red 23-1981)
1. Polar Exposure
2. Inclination
3. Outward Conversation
4. The Dreams I Cannot Keep
5. Building Kind
6. Shifting
7. Lost Cause
8. Mud, Clay And Sticks
9. Concoction
10. Cold Climate

New link!
Polar Exposure


Anonymous said...

Another grabbed excellence. Deep thanks.

just_like said...

Thanks for this new pearl!! Do you know '80s band IN EMBRACE? A suggestion for your future posts...Thanks for this great blog..

Anonymous said...

Hey CG, do you have any NEON LP's or NEVA?


Curious Guy said...

Sorry I can't help with the requests.
JS, you can find Neva on the Klaustrophobie blog (see link in sidebar).

noinim said...

hmmm... i know i have their 7-inch lying around here somewhere, but i'm not so sure i have this one. nice and obscure, and a great addition to any postpunk fan's collection.

and for anyone interested... i'll be adding a Neon release very soon! Stay posted.

Danny said...

Fantastic release, thank you very much for uploading this!!
The title track reminds me a lot of bands like The Sound or The Comsat Angels.
keep up the good work, cheers from Belgium!

Jim Slip said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't the title track one of the greatest postpunk (or goth) tracks of all time? Yes, strongly influenced by Martin Hannett-produced Joy Division, like so many. But who cares. Btw, the producer here, oddly enough, is Kevin Coyne. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

one up on Ebay at the moment, check it out here:

Good luck if you're bidding!

Paule said...

Thank you Curious Guy for this amazing record!!! For the song Polar Exposure I searched for years!!
I heard it for the first time in the 80's on the radio and taped on a cassette.
I didn't know how it sings till a user of Soulseek told me the Name fom this band. A rarely obscure record and a great blog. Thank you! Paule

Anonymous said...

From patagonia,thanks for the records...