Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hack Hack - Despite Amputations MLP

I'll do Fritz Die Spinne a favour. Here's the mini album of Hack Hack. Another one of those obscure bands on Shout Records. NG, drummer of Headhunters also played on this record. Personally I like 'Hymn For The Discontented' most.
As far as I know there were only 3 mini albums released on Shout. This is the second one. The first one is the Wicked Kitchen Staff record and third one the Vonbrigdi (Iceland) 'Kakofonia' MLP. Never heard the latter one.
Anyone has more info on Hack Hack?

Despite Amputations MLP (Shout Records-MX 002-1983)
1. Monster Ash-Tray Man
2. Chambermaid
3. Door Slam
4. Ride A Horse
5. Run In To Me
6. Hymn For The Discontented

Hack Hack


Punk Not Profit said...

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Fritz die Spinne said...

Cool Beans! Thanks!

Lunaire said...

thank you for this.

Shout records released also the great mini-album of Shoc Corridor - Experiments in Incest which includes 6 tracks.

And Vonbrigdi released a record with new and re-worked tracks in 2004 called Edli Annarra very recommended.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the comment Lunaire. Are you planning to post some obscure music on your blog? Looking forward to it.
I think there's a Shoc Corridor discography CD.

scrambang said...

Groovy tuneage! and a great blog as well!

Thanks for all the awesome uploads.

Simon Mackie said...
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Simon Mackie said...

Hack Hack was a Ladbroke Grove, London based group active circa 1982-83. Lead singer was Wayne Charlton, Guitars: Matthew Stokoe, Bass Guitar and Piano: Mark Whitely and Drums: Al Cole. After disbanding in 1983 little is known of what became of Wayne Charlton . Al Cole went on to play with the Folk Devils with Mark Whiteley Mark is now a criminological researcher and tutor at Cardiff University. Matthew Stokoe is the author of novels Cows, High Life and Empty Mile [IMG][/IMG]

FinOi! said...

Great blog!

I found this album from finnish secondhand store. I have never heard it before. It is sounds very melancholy and depressive but good!

Curious Guy said...

New rip and link. Enjoy!