Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Leather Nun - 12"s

Time for some rawk'n roll! Here's the 3 12"s that The Leather Nun released before the 'Alive' LP. Some of the tracks ended up on that live album. The 'Prime Mover' 12" was also released as a 7" on Subterranean in 1983. The title tracks of '506' and 'Desolation Ave' are both moody, lengthy tracks.
The most odd song is 'F.F.A.' co-written with Monte Cazazza. Don't know if he was responsible for the lyrics but these are hilarious! You'll soon find out what the initials stand for after hearing the song.

506 12" (Wire Records-WRMS 005-1985)
1. 506
2. Fly Angels Fly
3. I'm Alive

Desolation Ave 12" (Wire Records-WRMS 007-1985)
1. On The Road
2. Son Of A Good Family
3. Desolation Avenue

Prime Mover 12" (Wire Records-WRMS 010-1986)
1. Prime Mover
2. F.F.A.



lo-fi jr. said...

Excellent post! I've regretted selling these after buying a greatest hits CD. Not only does the disc sound like crap but they omit Son of a Good Family and fade Prime Mover out too early. Everything is awright in my world now!

Anonymous said...

fantastic post, thank you. i still regularly play these 12"s. Up to & including 'alive' the nun were great. it started to go so wrong with the cover of 'gimme gimme gimme'. i have two different versions of the 'primemover' 12". one on wire records, the other on obsession. ffa is kinda hard to take seriously tho'.x.

xhol desert said...

There isn't enough original early Leather Nun available in the world, the Seedy Compilation barely touches it. Thank you for this.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie my man after midnight. Possibly best cover version ever. Great post.

roman empire said...

Baby let's fist again! Fantastic post.
And yes, i remember, I used to have a 12" inch with gimmie gimmie gimmie - 2 different versions - anyone can help?
Anyway, thanks for this. This is incredible!

Curious Guy said...

roman empire, can't help you with the 12" you mentioned.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I could, but aint got the technology as yet, when I do it'll be given a posting, classic track.

Perro D Chrome said...

Excelente post mi amigo,me gusta mucho The leather nun
Thanks for the wonderfull music
Greetings from Locombia

kingpossum said...

Bless you for giving renewed life to the mighty Leather Nun! Absolutely fantastic to hear their beguiling noize again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, great post! I've wanted to digitalize my TLN vinyls for a while now, but never had the means. "Fly Angels Fly" was always the classic song for me, ever since my friend taped it off of swedish radio back around '85-'86 sometime. It rocks so hard! And you can't beat the swenglish pronunciation: "...fakk off and die". Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

been wanting to hear these guys for years. a lot better than i expected too. posted on my birthday even. thanks!

RaTFinK said...

Hey thanks for these,One of those bands that started out so good yet ended so bad,Check out Cool shoes to see how bad,The lyrics to FFA were supposed to be a poem by Monte Cazazza that they set to music,I saw them many years ago in London perform that song whilst showing a film of er...well lets just say some guys doing their thing that summed up the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I have one EP with FFA on it. so I am very appreciative of the U/L. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Curious, if there's any chance you might re-up the Desolation Avenue 12" I'd really REALLY appreciate it. Many thanks! :)

Curious Guy said...

New link (old rips though...). Enjoy!

ROOKSBY said...

Amazing! Thanks Curious... :)