Sunday, March 04, 2007

Into A Circle - 12"s Pt. 2

And here are the next two 12"s. Both 'Forever' and 'Evergreen' appear on the 'Assassins' LP. On the 12"s you get extended versions of both tracks, the LP versions and a track only released on the 12".

Forever 12" (Abstract Records-12 ABS 044-1987)
1. Forever (extended version)
2. Forever
3. O Siren

Evergreen 12" (Abstract Records-12 ABS 050-1988)
1. Evergreen
2. Beiruit
3. Evergreen (extended version)

Link removed. Buy the Into A Circle discography CD on Cherry Red.

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Highlander said...

ye - this was the 2 records I had, haven't heard em for ages so downloaded to see why I traded them in.