Thursday, March 08, 2007

Saigon - Reunion LP + Gothic Bop 12"

Saigon is another mid-80's goth band. They were from Leamington Spa. Couldn't find more info on this threesome. So any info more than welcome.
Had a hard time ripping the LP as it's a very cheap pressing. The 12" has 2 tracks from the album but I include it here for 'City Rises'.
I found out about a band from the UK with the same name that released two 7"s in 1981 on Ryme Time. Don't know if it's the same band or not. These singles are 'Where Are The Roses' and 'Green Carnation'.

Reunion LP (First Floor Records-FF 4-1983)
1. Gothic Bop
2. Newsong
3. Reunion
4. Idyllis Of A Live
5. Smilebreaker
6. 5 A.M.
7. The Case
8. Music For Pleasure
9. Ascension
10. Pipeline

Gothic Bop 12" (First Floor Records-FF 5-1984)
1. Gothic Bop
2. Smilebreaker
3. City Rises



Highlander said...

I have never even heard of them curious guy so can't supply more info. some of the stuff you haul out of the closet is amazing....saigon (ruefully shaking head)...well i never. keep 'em coming.

Curious Guy said...

Hope you like it Highlander.

Anonymous said...

hi curious guy!

just want to say big THANK YOU for everything you do!

cheers from bulgaria!

bitterandrew said...

I came across two or three references to the band when I was trying to find info on the Fall of Saigon track I posted a couple days ago, but nothing that you haven't already unearthed.

Very interesting stuff, curious guy, as always.

Roman Empire said...

Unbelievable. I was thinking of maybe posting a request for this but i thought nobody ever heard of these records anyways. And now they are here ... Again, you made my day. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Anonymous said...

fuckin' classic! thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

wow really this music is awesome, totally unknow to me, sorry for my bad english, i am from Perú
thanks for the music


do you now post punk from southamerica??

contact to me.

PD: marko gelido

Curious Guy said...

Shared with pleasure all of you!
Marko, I practically know nothing of Southamerican postpunk. But I'm very interested.
Jackyls Shackles, about The Fifteenth: the 12" was their only release. They appear on the 'Just Say Yeah' comp.LP with a slighly remixed version of 'She Isis'.

Conde de Lautreamont said...

Thanks for your elink. Great blog!

Anonymous said...


Curious Guy said...

New link up now José. Enjoy!

Guitarro said...

Hello interested people, Saigon was my music project - I developed the sound and feel for our music. I played guitar, keyboard and sang on one of the album tracks.

We recorded the album at Woodbine Studios in Leamington Spa one hot and sweaty week in August 1982 - our claim to fame being that the studio is also where the Specials recorded Ghosttown - also produced by Johnny Rivers.

I have a re-mastered digital recording of the album if anyone wants to hear a better quality version (it wasn't a bad effort for one week's recording). Let me know if you want to know anything more.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Guitarro, you must be Simon Thomas then? Yes I think more people would like to have more info on Saigon. Feel free to share :)
Hope you don't mind me posting the records. They are hard to find these days.

bassmonster said...

The Saigon who recorded Where are the Roses, Green Carnation and Diving through Sand, were based in Glasgow 1980-1982. We played extensively throughout Scotland and performed 2 concerts in Fresnes Prison, Paris, in honour of writer Jean Genet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, City Rises and Smilebreaker are classic. Taped the EP from a friend in college back in the day. Never heard from this band again, but never forgot them either. Thanks. -PH

apollojams said...

Count me in as [apparently] the only other person who bought this...AND when it came out back then, no less. Saw it, liked the cover, maybe remembered a mention in NME [or something] as name recognition, and ordered it. My reaction upon seeing this post was similor to Curious Guy's. Just chuckled and shook my head and thought "Wow...deep!". Anyway, a solid 8-out-of-10 trax are outstanding. I *have* this, as stated, but just wanted to show my apprecation about what you THREE [Phoenix Hairpins, Cactus Mouth Informer, Commercial Zone] are doing in these blogs, month after month. Don't EVER think no one cares [comments or NO comments]. we're readin', watchin' & diggin', tho i'm usually focused on what i DON'T have or know about...

Curious Guy said...

New HQ rips for Saigon.

Guitarro said...

Hi Guys

If you're interested, we've been busy making new music - check it out on ReverbNation at!/saigon

We recently sold one of our old tunes (City Rises) to DJ Shadow who will be sampling my excellent guitar riff as a part of one of his own compositions.

Let me know what you think of the new stuff when you listen to it - we'll be putting an album out soon on iTunes, so you can get it to keep forever.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the update. You can always let me know when the new album is finished. I'm not on I-Tunes but I hope you make the album available on Emusic as well.
Curious about the DJ Shadow thing.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Immortelle said...

Please reupload it once again, and huge thanks for what you do!!

Curious Guy said...

New link once again. Enjoy!

Edwin Dawnt said...
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Anonymous said...
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Curious Guy said...

Hey guys, although I publish all comments here, I ask you both to 'discuss' your internal problems somewhere else. Thank you and all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi, any chance of a re-upload please? I used to own the Gothic Bop 12" so would love to hear that again and the album I never knew about

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

awesome thank you for reposting the link. its much appreciated