Sunday, March 04, 2007

Into A Circle - 12"s Pt. 1

Into A Circle formed in 1985. They were former members of Getting The Fear that released a not-so-interesting 12" called 'Last Salute'. The first release was the 'Rise...' 12" as In Two A Circle. All the later records were released as Into A Circle.
Into A Circle were Barry and Bee. Barry was the bassplayer for Southern Death Cult. Bee used to be in The Danse Society when they were still called Danse Crazy. He also contributed to 'Brown Book' of Death In June and 'In Menstrual Night' of Current 93. Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Current 93,DIJ,...) joined on backing vocals.
Bee now lives in Thailand and is a member of electro-rock band Futon.
There's info on Into A Circle on Wikipedia.
The 'Forever' and 'Evergreen' 12"s will be posted later, as well as the 'Assassins' LP.

Rise... 12" (Arcadia-ARC 001-1985)
1. Rise...
2. And In Flames
3. Gabriel

Inside Out 12" (Abstract Records-12 ABS 042-1986)
1. Inside Out
2. Reward
3. Flow
4. Field Of Sleep

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barbelith said...


In2aCircle were and remain one of my favourite ever bands. We used to follow them around on tour and what lovely folks Bee, Barry and Rose were. It is criminal that there releases have never been remastered and re -released. Sadly underated and under exposed band. Bee now does Futon and i recently saw Rose play solo but what does Barry do now?

Thanks for these...

Highlander said...

hmmm, I had 'forever' and 'evergreen' but they never really grew on me, think I traded them for something else.....mind you, was a while ago now and age mellows and all that so I'll give 'em another go.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Curious Guy. Thanks for the double whammy of Into a Circle this weekend.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Bee has aided a young fan in compiling MySpace pages for Into a Circle,and also earlier incarnation "Getting the Fear."

He also has given some demos, which I have, albeit somewhat incomplete by one or two songs, and they were all grouped together with no seperation by demo tape or session. I am waiting for some clarification, but a list of the demos can be found on the GTF profile on LastFM.

nortoncommando said...

I may be mistaken, but I think Bee was involved with David Ball and they did a record with Bee stretched over a drum. Was that him?

Also, I think Bee was on the bill with Virgin Prunes, KUKL and PTV at Hammersmith Odeon back in the summer of 1984. Any help with this foggy recollection is appreciated!