Thursday, March 01, 2007

Princess Tinymeat - Herstory LP

Princess Tinymeat was formed by Haa-Lacka Bintii. The band only lasted for a couple of years.
Haa-Lacka Bintii once was a member of the Virgin Prunes, playing drums and keyboards. It seems he got this nickname because he lacked humour. Princess Tinymeat was also the backstage nickname of Hollywood actor Montgomery Clift.
Princess Tinymeat only did 3 releases. These appear on the 'Herstory' LP, together with 2 comp. tracks.
Tracks 3 & 7 appeared on the 'Sloblands' 12" (1985). Anyone remembers the 'infamous' sleeve ?
Tracks 4 & 8 appeared on the 'A Bun In The Oven' 7" (1985)
Tracks 2,6 & 9 appeared on the 'Angels In Pain' 12" (1986)
Tracks 1 & 5 appeared on the 'You Bet We've Got Something Against You' comp. LP on Cathexis Recordings.
Bintti still makes music under his real name Daniel Figgis. Visit his site here. No mention of Princess Tinymeat though...

Note: the vinyl crackling on tracks 1 & 5 is intentional.

Herstory LP (Rough Trade-Rough 108-1987)
1. Lucky Bag
2. Angels In Pain
3. Sloblands
4. A Bun In The Oven
5. Jay Gone Bimbo
6. Put It There
7. The Fairest Of Them All
8. Wigs On The Green
9. Devilcock!



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artnipples said...

Thanks very much for sharing this! I've wanted to hear this again for years. What a treat!
Great blog, by the way!

torch1971 said...

I can't believe I can hear this again. I love this release. I thought I was going to hhave to invest in the ability to convert analog to digital to be able to hear it again.
Thank you, thank you, thank you and great blog.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks to all for the appreciation. Artnipples, Cranio told me you were looking for this one. Glad that I could help.

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Weird timing--I just found my 7" single.

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Arvo, new link is up. Enjoy!

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Thanks! And a good weekend to you too!

David G. said...

Yeah, I remember the "infamous" sleeve (the penis shot on the cover), bought it and this album due to Virgin Prunes connection. I think I probably had one of the few copies in Texas!