Thursday, May 10, 2007

Carlton B. Morgan - The Devil's Music MLP

Post 100!
Welsh cartoonist Carlton B. Morgan is probably more well known for his book 'Great Pop Things: The Real History Of Rock And Roll From Elvis To Oasis' co-written with Jon Langford. This is a comic strip representing a false history of pop and rock, focusing on fashionable groups and singers, and fake stories of established stars.
I first heard Carlton B. Morgan on the 'They Shall Not Pass' comp. album on Abstract Records. This is a collection of songs of artists from the Leeds label CNT Productions.
I could finally obtain a copy of 'The Devil's Music' mini album on a record fair for a decent price. This record is very strange and interesting. Really recommended!
Produced by Jon Langford.

The Devil's Music MLP (CNT Productions-CNT 00666-1983)
1. The Devil's Music (s.p.e.l.l.s.)
2. Shave The Ayatollah
3. The Mighty Mite
4. The Surfin Dub
5. Modern Girl
6. The Mashed Potatoe
7. Cauliflowers For Your Stegasaurus
8. The Long Arm Of The Lord

Devil's Music


Fritz die Spinne said...

Very nice! And you also reminded me of They Shall Not Pass, which I purchsed on CD many years ago.

I posted some Þeyr for you, and will get others up in due time.

Anonymous said...

I know that guy he comes in my bookshop! How much was a good price?

Curious Guy said...

15 euro. This record is almost impossible to find. Tried google and nothing came up.
Say hello to Mr. Morgan.Hope he doesn't mind me posting his music here.

Stephanie Scarletsky said...

This is truly a great, great record from a formidable talent. I met someone from Carlton's hometown the other day who told me he's now a recluse addicted to Ovaltine, daytime TV and has mental health problems, I really hope this isn't so ?

Anonymous said...

hey you know which blog has that cortex album and do you have that too?
also im looking for that charge ep one of these blogs had it and i cant find it now...?

thanks doc,

Anonymous said...

I am from Carltons home town and I am glad to confirm that he is by no means addicted to Ovaltine (hot chocolate maybe, but not Ovaltine)He is still active musically and is also in the process of writing a book on the topic of Zen masturbation and time travel. The Devils Music is a classic album which would have achieved greater sales had it been promoted in the same 'kiss ass' way that so symbolised other alternative bands of the time. Credit to Mr M for keeping his artisic credibility-his time will come

miyagesan said...

You're wrong, he acutally addicted to Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (not Ovaltine or hot chocolate) and porn. I know because I supply him with at least one of them. Check out also "The Supernormals Sing..." which is an even rarer 12" EP (remember them?)The music on both is ahead of its time, possibly as a result of his time travelling/ masturbation abilities.

Curious Guy said...

Now this Mr. Morgan really starts to intrigue me. So you supply him with porn then Miyagesan :D
And what to think about Zen masturbation? Anyone who knows more about this?
Recently found out about the Supernormals 12". Need to hunt for that one.

Persia Blue said...

'I am HP Lovelace' on 'I was a teenage Gwent Boy' (frug records)is possibly my favourite CBM track of all time. I know for a fact it was recorded in a disused cow shed on the side of the Blorenge mountain during a storm. Also my favourite track cos I used to fancy his bass player.I wasn't aware of CBM and his peanut butter fetish! Ah well, genuis has is faults. I know a bit more about the book but will suffer on pain of death should I reveal any more at this stage.I can confirm that it is worth waiting for

Greg Dash said...

amazing tracks. where is he from in wales?

Curious Guy said...

He lives in Newport, Gwent.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Carlton for many years. A good guy. For those intersted the cover photography was done by Tom Spics (me) and one of the guest artists, Screaming Lord Sucabus, is Green from Scritti Politti. We are all alumni of Croesyceiliog Grammer School in Cwmbran.
There you go.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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baseball67 said...

Carlton used to wear a jersey that reminded me of a bottle of vosene!
Cool guy,a bit ahead of his time.Hope he is well. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Stephanie et al- it is not mental health problems it is physical health problems. Mr Morgan is severely asthmatic, which explains the mysterious gaps in his activity.

Clark Gwent said...

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Clark Gwent said...