Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Cassandra Complex - Moscow Idaho 12"

The 'Moscow Idaho' 12" is the band's second release. A lot of you have already heard the title track. 'Beyond Belief' is an instrumental mixed with samples of some wacko TV preacher. 'David Venus' lasts almost 13 minutes! Total freakout!
More records of The Cassandra Complex next week.

Moscow Idaho 12" (Rouska Records-COME 2T-1985)
1. Moscow Idaho
2. Beyond Belief
3. David Venus

New link!
Moscow Idaho


Jordan said...

this was my first 12" by them. beyond belief is the kind of stuff that needs to be on dancefloors nowadays.

elektro242 said...

Hey! thanks for another Cassandra Complex 12", Beyond Belief was a real dancefloor killer in some clubs of Spain in the years 1985/1986. I love this kind of music like the Front 242's old releases...

Anonymous said...

Hi, thx for your comment to my bloodshot post. Good to know that I remembered right and didn't wrote complete rubbish... Would it be possible that you could support me that second demo you said you have? I like this kiddies really but have just this one tape - so more would be welcome. Thx alot