Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eton Crop - Six Silhouette Romances 12"

Eton Crop from Nieuwkoop, Holland started in 1979 and were influenced by The Fall and The Undertones. In 1980 they released the 'Timmy Barker Is A Coward' 7". After this one there's a split tape with punk band Pistache BV. Eton Crop had a good relationship with The Three Johns. They played a lot in the UK. They even did 5 sessions for John Peel.
the 'Six Silhouette Romances' 12" is the band's 3rd release, released on Koesette Tapes, mainly a cassette label. Eton Crop went on to release more records on Bigger Bank Balance (the 'Gay Boys On The Battlefield' 12"), Grunt Grunt A Go Go( the 'It's My Dog, Maestro' LP), Ediesta but at the early 90's the sound changed completely and Eton Crop turned into a dance band.
This record recorded at the famous Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf studio and produced by Dolf and Jon Langford.

Six Silhouette Romances 12" (Koesette Records-Koesette Snacks 008-1983)
1. Six Silhouette Romances
2. Bell Fruit Tokens (Hold/Nudge)
3. First Sight
4. Favourite Record
5. Collision Course Of Court Jester
6. Cheese, Louise, Please (Hip Hip Hip)

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Aaron said...

awesome! i've been wanting a copy of their 1986 lp for a while now - but this is cool too.

FuseRed said...

Great to hear this, as I've only got "please Bob" on vinyl... - thanks a lot - great blog too!

d. said...

Dear CG

This is just an idea for the (near) future post.

The internet world needs quality rips (320 kbps) by another (type of) Dutch band:

Svätsox ‎– "Bred in the Bone, Out in the Flesh"

This album fits here very well, in my humble opinion.

"Ruins" LP is even better.

In a way, as a band Svätsox nicely bridge both of your blogs!

Thanks for everything so far ...

Curious Guy said...

No Svätsox in my collection, sorry.