Thursday, May 17, 2007

Party Day - Glasshouse 12"

3rd release of this Barnsley wave band. This 12" released on Rouska Records.

Glasshouse 12" (Rouska Records-COME 1T-1985)
1. Glasshouse
2. My Heroine
3. Let Us Shine
4. Smile

Glasshouse (re-up)


Glass Worship said...

Thanks for this! Do you have other Rouska material up your sleeve like Cassandra Complex (HCOMA 12") or Third Circle (Last Night...12")?

Curious Guy said...

I have all early Cassandra Complex. Do you know if these are out of print or maybe reissued on CD? I'll have a look on the net.
And I'm planning to post the Raging Sun comp.

glass worship said...

Hi Curious Guy, most of the CC discography has been released on cd (like the Grenade lp etc). The tracks from the early 12" can be found on the cd Hello America (except HCOMA which doesn't exist in digital format). Another incomplete cd reissue is the Feel The Width live 2xlp (some tracks haven been excluded to fit on one cd).

Curious Guy said...

Glass worship, I checked around and it seems that the CD's are even harder to find than the vinyl versions. So I could rip some Cassandra Complex.

Glass Worship said...

Great & looking forward to it esp. HCOMA hint... hint... :-)

Highlander said...

Thanks for this Curious Guy - my limited experience of Cassandra Complex is looking forward aswell.