Friday, May 18, 2007

Zero Le Crêche - Last Year's Wife 12"

Thanks to Nico of Madrid for sending me this one. Really appreciate this and hopefully you too!
The 7" version has already been posted on Fritz Die Spinne's blog. On this 12" you'll find an extended version of the title track and an extra track 'Fall To Dust'.

Last Year's Wife 12" (Flicknife Records-FLS 029 T-1984)
1. Last Year's Wife
2. Women Say
3. Fall To Dust

Zero Le Crêche (re-up)


Te Irirangi said...

Not at all relevant to the above entry, sorry, but I do enjoy the blog and thought you may be interested in this She's Lost: an underground New Zealand music recovery expedition. Tis a free downloadable virtual compilation of New Zealand 'dark alternative' industrial, electronic, experimental (etc) bands playing covers of their favourite New Zealand songs.

Highlander said...

If only it were possible to request more Zero Le Creche - think we could persuade them to reform? (kidding - reunions do my nut) More thanks for this to curious guy and nico.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Many Thanks!

on there are some clips of songs, and the band seeks one member to possibly reform.

A CD of old trax is planned.

Anonymous said...

COOL!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this. I hope that they do put a CD out.

Valentine Michael Smith said...

This was great. Thanks for sharing.