Sunday, May 20, 2007

V/A Mineral Composition LP

Excellent compilation of experimental acts. From France we have Anne Gillis, Stabat Stable, D.D.A.A. and Die Form. From Japan we have Y. Yoshikawa, Picky Picnic and Masaki. Z'ev, S.C.I., Johanna Went's Box and Tara Cross & George Matthewson are from the USA. De Fabriek is from Holland, Neo Zelanda is from Spain, The Legendary Pink Dots from the UK and Fetus Productions from Australia..
Released on picture disc on Japanese label Stratosphere Music who mostly released tapes. Label was run by Masaki.
The only other vinyl releases are the '40 Days/40 Nights' comp. LP which is posted on Mutant Sounds here, and a Japanese pressing of the 'Europa' LP of Pseudo Code. You can find more of Picky Picnic and Neo Zelanda on Mutant Sounds too.

V/A Mineral Composition LP (Stratosphere Music-no #-1985)
1. Fetus Productions - Anthem
2. Johanna Went's Box - From The Video By Shirley Clarke
3. S.C.I. - From The PKS2000-330
4. Z'ev - From The Promotional Tape
5. Y. Yoshikawa - Black Out
6. Anne Gillis - Iron Lung
7. Stabat Stable - No Body
8. Neo Zelanda - Rabotage
9. Picky Picnic - My Toast Time
10. Die Form - Mineraliz Action
11. Tara Cross & George Matthewson - Flight 1
12. Masaki - My Tinware
13. De Fabriek - Verval
14. The Legendary Pink Dots - Plague 2
15. D.D.A.A. - Les Eaux Profondes
16. Y. Yoshikawa - Biscuit Boy's Breathing

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Anonymous said...

We've just released a Johanna Went DVD called "Club Years" that includes a remastered version of "The Box" as well as the video made by Shirley Clark that is referenced in the track listing.

I can't post a live link in comments, but you can copy/paste this one into a new browser window to see our listing:

Thank you,

Charles Powne
Soleilmoon Recordings

Curious Guy said...

Charles, thanks for leaving a comment. The Johanna Went DVD sounds very interesting.

Anonymous said...

We are offering the Johanna Went dvd through our website, as we just had a microspective of her work in our gallery. She performed live for 3 nights during the run of the exhibition and received excellent reviews. Here's a link to the gallery with information about the exhibition and performances, as well as a link to the dvd:

jonjim1952 said...

Thanks for taking the time and effort to re-up this post. Many thanks again.