Sunday, May 13, 2007

Headhunters - 12"s & 7"

As promised, here's the rest of the Headhunters' output.
The 'Wipe Out The Funk' 12" is the band's first release. Title track is sounding like Killing Joke mixed with dub reggae. Very similar to Red Beat.
Next is the 'Impossible' 7". Title track differs somewhat from the other songs. B side taken from the 'Industrial Warfare' LP.
The 'Way Of The South' 12" is the final release. A bit more polished but still containing the same anger. Note on the backsleeve states 'Vote against the mad woman at # 10'. Now we all know who that was back in the 80's, don't we ?

Wipe Out The Funk 12"
(Shout Records-XW 1201-1982)
1. Wipe Out The Funk
2. Decline
3. Landlord

Impossible 7" (Shout Records-XS 005-1983)
1. Impossible
2. Straitjacket

Way Of The South 12" (Quiet Records-QST 009-1986)
1. Way Of The South
2. Infidel (War On The Nazi)
3. Disorder



Anonymous said...

Wow! Just saw this now (haven't surfed blogs very proactively for teh last month or so), will run home get it in the morning for sure. What I have heard from this band so far is amasing so yeah...Many thanks my friend.

Hope you're fine otherwise, keeping the flag of obscure-ish black music alive.

Slobodan B

ps. listen to Frigora lol ds

English Paul said...

Once again with the amazing posts -thanks for the consistently excellent music my friend.

Oliver / Cult Punk said...

Can' get enough of the Killing Joke-sounding stuff! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I was to young in the eighties to know whom the mad woman was,so....? Who was it?


Curious Guy said...

Does the name Thatcher ring a bell?

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I love this band, specially the ideology... they are my passion and I can learn a lot of "useful" things form them, My best friend told me about Headhunters style, and I couldn't stopped, each song has been increasing my passion, is something magical. 23jj

Anonymous said...

Good morning

Is it possible to have a valid link for this post please?

Anonymous said...

je veux du headhunetrs,je possede les vinyles,comment telecharger ?

Anonymous said...

enfin,gloire à headhunters,terminer d'écouté mes vinyles qui craquent,un tout grand MERCI.

Curious Guy said...

And a new link for these as well!

Anonymous said...

One more polite bellyacher begging for a new link, please!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

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