Tuesday, May 29, 2007

UK Decay/Pneumania - Split 7"

As requested on Cactus Mouth Informer. here's the first recording of UK Decay. They were still a three piece as Spon wasn't a member back then. But he appears on this record as guitarplayer for Pneumania. There's a newspaper clip printed about female vocalist Sno White where a magistrate called her a disgrace when she had to appear at court for stealing a bottle of wine. This was the time when looking punk was subversive.

UK Decay/Pneumania Split 7"
(Plastic Records-PLAS 001-1979)
1. UK Decay - UK Decay
2. UK Decay - Car Crash
3. Pneumania - Exhibition
4. Pneumania - Coming Attack

Split (re-up)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

V/A Raging Sun LP

Probably the very first release on Leeds label Rouska Records. A lot of diverse stuff on this one here.
The first 2 tracks are Mel-O-Tones related I think. Some tracks have already been issued on other releases like the ones of Shop Assistants, The Inca Babies, Bogshed and Party Day (title track of their 2nd 7"). Spig is spoken word.
I know of 2 different sleeves of this record. I think my copy is the most common one. There's no release date mentioned but I guess it was released in 1985.

V/A Raging Sun LP (Rouska Records-RANT 001-198?)
1. Martin-A-Mel-O-Tone - Toxteth Ablaze
2. Well Martin This Is Different - Blood Like Water
3. Shop Assistants - All That Ever Mattered
4. The Inca Babies - Burying The Swagger
5. Bogshed - Hand Me Down Father
6. Spig - The Fridge
7. Strength - One More Chance
8. Dik Dik Dimorphic - Typecast
9. The Cassandra Complex - Fragile
10. Party Day - Spider
11. The Deadpan Tractor - Graveyard Town
12. The Wedding Present - Living And Learning
13. Third Circle - Go South

Raging Sun

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Cassandra Complex - Moscow Idaho 12"

The 'Moscow Idaho' 12" is the band's second release. A lot of you have already heard the title track. 'Beyond Belief' is an instrumental mixed with samples of some wacko TV preacher. 'David Venus' lasts almost 13 minutes! Total freakout!
More records of The Cassandra Complex next week.

Moscow Idaho 12" (Rouska Records-COME 2T-1985)
1. Moscow Idaho
2. Beyond Belief
3. David Venus

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Moscow Idaho

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Cassandra Complex - March 12"

Here's another request. The 'March' 12" is the band's first release, originally issued in 1984 on their own Complex label. My copy is the German pressing on Normal Records from 1985.
The Cassandra Complex started in the early 80's. Members then were Rodney Orpheus, who moved from Northern-Ireland to Leeds, Paul Dillon and Andrew Booth. After the self-released 'March' 12", The Cassandra Complex signed with local Leeds label Rouska Records. On this label they released the excellent 'Moscow Idaho' 12", 'Datakill' 12" and 'Grenade' LP. There is also the album 'Hello America' which was compiled from previous releases for the USA.
After Rouska Records finished, the band signed to Belgian indie Play It Again Sam. The most interesting release is the 'Something Came Over Me' 12", their own interpretation of the Throbbing Gristle song. Also the double live album 'Feel The Width' was released on PIAS.
The Cassandra Complex released a few more albums in the early 90's but I haven't heard any of them.
If some of you are interested in more of the early Cassandra Complex releases, just let me know.

The Cassandra Complex webpage can be found here.

March 12" (Normal Records-Normal 23-1985)
1. March
2. Pickup (Live)
3. Hcoma

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

V/A Mineral Composition LP

Excellent compilation of experimental acts. From France we have Anne Gillis, Stabat Stable, D.D.A.A. and Die Form. From Japan we have Y. Yoshikawa, Picky Picnic and Masaki. Z'ev, S.C.I., Johanna Went's Box and Tara Cross & George Matthewson are from the USA. De Fabriek is from Holland, Neo Zelanda is from Spain, The Legendary Pink Dots from the UK and Fetus Productions from Australia..
Released on picture disc on Japanese label Stratosphere Music who mostly released tapes. Label was run by Masaki.
The only other vinyl releases are the '40 Days/40 Nights' comp. LP which is posted on Mutant Sounds here, and a Japanese pressing of the 'Europa' LP of Pseudo Code. You can find more of Picky Picnic and Neo Zelanda on Mutant Sounds too.

V/A Mineral Composition LP (Stratosphere Music-no #-1985)
1. Fetus Productions - Anthem
2. Johanna Went's Box - From The Video By Shirley Clarke
3. S.C.I. - From The PKS2000-330
4. Z'ev - From The Promotional Tape
5. Y. Yoshikawa - Black Out
6. Anne Gillis - Iron Lung
7. Stabat Stable - No Body
8. Neo Zelanda - Rabotage
9. Picky Picnic - My Toast Time
10. Die Form - Mineraliz Action
11. Tara Cross & George Matthewson - Flight 1
12. Masaki - My Tinware
13. De Fabriek - Verval
14. The Legendary Pink Dots - Plague 2
15. D.D.A.A. - Les Eaux Profondes
16. Y. Yoshikawa - Biscuit Boy's Breathing

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Side A
Side B

Friday, May 18, 2007

Zero Le Crêche - Last Year's Wife 12"

Thanks to Nico of Madrid for sending me this one. Really appreciate this and hopefully you too!
The 7" version has already been posted on Fritz Die Spinne's blog. On this 12" you'll find an extended version of the title track and an extra track 'Fall To Dust'.

Last Year's Wife 12" (Flicknife Records-FLS 029 T-1984)
1. Last Year's Wife
2. Women Say
3. Fall To Dust

Zero Le Crêche (re-up)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Party Day - Glasshouse 12"

3rd release of this Barnsley wave band. This 12" released on Rouska Records.

Glasshouse 12" (Rouska Records-COME 1T-1985)
1. Glasshouse
2. My Heroine
3. Let Us Shine
4. Smile

Glasshouse (re-up)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kan Kan - Unreleased Tracks

Just got a message of Patrick Dineen to tell me that he assembled a CD full of unreleased Kan Kan tracks. He doesn't know yet how much to charge but you can find a contact adress here. Check the images for the tracklisting.

Eton Crop - Six Silhouette Romances 12"

Eton Crop from Nieuwkoop, Holland started in 1979 and were influenced by The Fall and The Undertones. In 1980 they released the 'Timmy Barker Is A Coward' 7". After this one there's a split tape with punk band Pistache BV. Eton Crop had a good relationship with The Three Johns. They played a lot in the UK. They even did 5 sessions for John Peel.
the 'Six Silhouette Romances' 12" is the band's 3rd release, released on Koesette Tapes, mainly a cassette label. Eton Crop went on to release more records on Bigger Bank Balance (the 'Gay Boys On The Battlefield' 12"), Grunt Grunt A Go Go( the 'It's My Dog, Maestro' LP), Ediesta but at the early 90's the sound changed completely and Eton Crop turned into a dance band.
This record recorded at the famous Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf studio and produced by Dolf and Jon Langford.

Six Silhouette Romances 12" (Koesette Records-Koesette Snacks 008-1983)
1. Six Silhouette Romances
2. Bell Fruit Tokens (Hold/Nudge)
3. First Sight
4. Favourite Record
5. Collision Course Of Court Jester
6. Cheese, Louise, Please (Hip Hip Hip)

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Eton Crop

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Headhunters - 12"s & 7"

As promised, here's the rest of the Headhunters' output.
The 'Wipe Out The Funk' 12" is the band's first release. Title track is sounding like Killing Joke mixed with dub reggae. Very similar to Red Beat.
Next is the 'Impossible' 7". Title track differs somewhat from the other songs. B side taken from the 'Industrial Warfare' LP.
The 'Way Of The South' 12" is the final release. A bit more polished but still containing the same anger. Note on the backsleeve states 'Vote against the mad woman at # 10'. Now we all know who that was back in the 80's, don't we ?

Wipe Out The Funk 12"
(Shout Records-XW 1201-1982)
1. Wipe Out The Funk
2. Decline
3. Landlord

Impossible 7" (Shout Records-XS 005-1983)
1. Impossible
2. Straitjacket

Way Of The South 12" (Quiet Records-QST 009-1986)
1. Way Of The South
2. Infidel (War On The Nazi)
3. Disorder


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Carlton B. Morgan - The Devil's Music MLP

Post 100!
Welsh cartoonist Carlton B. Morgan is probably more well known for his book 'Great Pop Things: The Real History Of Rock And Roll From Elvis To Oasis' co-written with Jon Langford. This is a comic strip representing a false history of pop and rock, focusing on fashionable groups and singers, and fake stories of established stars.
I first heard Carlton B. Morgan on the 'They Shall Not Pass' comp. album on Abstract Records. This is a collection of songs of artists from the Leeds label CNT Productions.
I could finally obtain a copy of 'The Devil's Music' mini album on a record fair for a decent price. This record is very strange and interesting. Really recommended!
Produced by Jon Langford.

The Devil's Music MLP (CNT Productions-CNT 00666-1983)
1. The Devil's Music (s.p.e.l.l.s.)
2. Shave The Ayatollah
3. The Mighty Mite
4. The Surfin Dub
5. Modern Girl
6. The Mashed Potatoe
7. Cauliflowers For Your Stegasaurus
8. The Long Arm Of The Lord

Devil's Music

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Struggler - Recrudesce 12"

Requested by Noinim.
Another cult postpunk band from Limburg, Belgium. Started at the late 70's and inspired by punk. Struggler released two 7"s by themselves in 1980: the very hard to find 'Wanted' and 'Night Fever' 7"s.
In 1982 the band released the 'It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn't Shake Hands' LP (will be posted later).
The 'Recrudesce' 12" is the band's final release. Both records released on Not So Brave of which the 1st release is the 'La Vache Qui Rit' 7" of Zounds. Other releases on this label are a Null & Void 7" and some records by Steve Lake.
The high-pitched vocals of Danny could annoy some of you.

Recrudesce 12" (Not So Brave-NSB 004-1983)
1. Recrudesce
2. A Victory In Escapism
3. The Sailor


Sunday, May 06, 2007

God And The State - Ruins LP

God And The State were from Los Angeles and existed for less than 2 years. It seems they only did about 3 or 4 gigs. Members were David Hull on guitar and vocals who was originally from Toronto, Canada, and Barbara Ann Jaeckel on bass and vocals who came from Detroit. Drums were played by Kevin Barrett (100 Flowers, Radwaste).
In their short existence they managed to record these tracks in 1983. The album saw the light of day 2 years later. Only 1000 copies pressed so it's hard to get these days. But here's the good news. The Urinals reformed so did their label Happy Squid. It looks like some copies of the 'Ruins' LP were found 'lying under the bed'. So if you want to obtain a vinyl copy, act fast. Don't think this will ever get re-released. For more info click here.
Sleeve was made by the Independent Project Press (Savage Republic).

Ruins LP (Happy Squid Records-HS013-1985)
1. Purge
2. Red Square
3. Art For Spastics
4. 1967 Summer
5. Impact
6. Ego Tripper
7. My Name Is Mud
8. Edge Of Nothing
9. Anorexia
10. Pound Of Flesh


Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Membranes - Crack House MLP

The first (mini) album of The Membranes. If you enjoyed the 'Pulp Beating' album , you'll definitely like this one. 2 tracks already appeared on 'Pulp Beating'. Nothing more to say. Classic Membranes stuff!

Crack House MLP
(Criminal Damage-CRI MLP 105-1983)
1. Get A Head
2. The Throat
3. Attraction For The Easy Life
4. Myths And Legends
5. Kick Out
6. Kafka's Dad

Crack House

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Elliott - 12" Singles

Ian Elliott, musician from Sheffield. 'Fake All Your Dreams' was quite popular in new wave circles in Belgium. This 12" has also been released on Himalaya with different sleeve.
Second 12" also released in Belgium, on Another Side. Here Elliott got help from Terry Todd (The Box) on bass and Nort (Hula) on drums.
Anyone knows more on Elliott ?

Fake All Your Dreams 12"
(Office Box-EBO T2-1983)
1. Fake All Your Dreams
2. Little Sister

Again I Lift You To My Heart Again 12"
(Another Side-8417-1984)
1. Again I Lift You To My Heart Again
2. Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Elliott (re-up)