Saturday, June 25, 2011

Elanø B - Diane / Too Late 7"

Another one I've never heard of. Elanø B were from Luton and this is the only release I know of.
Great post-punk tunes here.
Good to know that there's more to Luton than UK Decay , Karma Sutra or Click Click.
Another gift from bX-59cppw.

Diane / Too Late 7" (Shark Records-SO1-1981)
1. Diane
2. Too Late

Elanø B

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alex Gibson - Passionnel 12"

Cool wave sound of Alex Gibson, once member of Bpeople. Bpeople was actually called Little Cripples before when Michael Gira was still in the band.
This 12" is the only release using his own name. Alex would later start the band Passionnel that lasted till 1986. Passionnel released one 12" and an album on Enigma.
Alex Gibson also worked on the cult film 'Suburbia'. He currently does music editing for films.
Another contribution by bX-59cppw.

Passionnel 12" (Faulty Products-FEP1200-1981)
1. Grey Turns To Black
2. Guessing
3. Nepenthé
4. P Spell


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Skinner Box link removed

Got a mail from Mediafire (not Blogger) that the link to the Skinner Box album had to be removed due to copyright violation. This is the first time that this has happened to me in the 4,5 years I'm doing this blog.
Thanks to Julianna Towns for contacting the AMPU instead of writing a nice comment to us, music-lovers, that you prefer this out-of-print album not to be shared for whatever reason. I would've removed the link immediately.
If there's some misunderstanding and Julianna has nothing to do with this, I give my sincere apologies.
Luckily there are more ex-band members of different bands I posted here before who have absolutely no problem posting their music for free, and are happy that people still enjoy the music they made 20+ years ago.

edit: the album will be reissued any time soon. If I have more info, I'll share it for all those interested.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gasrattle - Artshit MLP

Some weird skronk stuff of Gasrattle. Don't know anything about them. Screeching sax, loose song structures and a singer that sometimes sounds like Nick Cave in his The Birthday Party days.
Another song 'Beach Party' appears on the 'Imminent 2' comp. as well as on the 'Music From The Deadzone: Europe' comp. on Dead Man's Curve.
Pretty wild stuff. This 12" can be found very easily and quite cheap. Released on Fever Records, known for records by Kill Ugly Pop! and some early My Bloody Valentine.

Artshit MLP (Fever Records-FEV 4-1985)
1. Happiness Is A Strong Stuff
2. Short Fat Baldman's Favorite Song
3. Pale Washroom
4. Blackshirt
5. Holy Cow
6. Kissing Fit


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Back on the map!

Don't know what has gone on here with my old PC, but I can upload again.
New links for Headhunters (both posts) and Cull + 12"s of Marc Riley With The Creepers.
I will upload the other ones this weekend. Also Three Clouds In The Sky needs a new link.
And off course some new stuff as well.
Hope my PC doesn't do some foul tricks on me again.