Saturday, May 31, 2008

V/A Nosferatu Festival LP

Here's another repost from the gone PunchDrunk blog.
This concert lasted 2 days in March 1982. Here's a selection of bands that played there. Most of them from Denmark, but from Sweden and Germany as well.
Sorry for keeping it short but today my head feels like it's gonna explode.

V/A Nosferatu Festival LP (No Label-1982)
1. ADS - When I Was Younger
2. X Mal Deutschland - Allein
3. City X - Langtidsledig
4. Tina Talks - Tomorrow
5. War Of Destruction - Mens Vi Venter
6. Martin And The Martians - Frizzm And The Resplenders
7. Das Psycho - Something On Swedish
8. Fahrenheit - Dragon Slayer
9. Bollocks - You Don't Seem Real
10. Sods - 7000 SR
11. U.C.R. - Everything
12. Black Uniforms - Second Swedish Mistake
13. No Knox - Slagsang For Roere
14. Before - Whip On My Shoulder
15. Tee Vee Pop - Final

Nosferatu Festival

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Auscult - s/t MLP

Requested by some and here it is.
Until recently, this was one of the most mysterious releases to be found. I was attracted to it as people described it as gloomy postpunk/synth/wave. The album doesn't mention any names of bandmembers, label or song titles. On the back of the sleeve there's only "NYC 1986" mentioned.
Now there's alot more info on this release. The record's on eBay for sale right now (ends within 12 hours) by someone called Goutroy. I think his description is quite accurate:
When I say this is Iron Curtain related, I mean it literally. This is an extremely rare and virtually unknown 12" EP put out in 1986 by Steve Field's (aka the brains behind Iron Curtain) brother, Ken (who was also a founding member of Iron Curtain). This was the only record Auscult released. This record has given collectors a bit of a problem, as nobody knows who was behind this band. No insert was ever included (I opened this sealed copy). There's no record label (it was self-released). No band credits... nothing. The front says "Auscult", the back says "1986 NYC" and the labels on the record only say "1" or "2". I only know this is Steve Field's brother because he mentioned it in an interview on the minimal-wave website ( "Incidentally, my brother, Ken Fields formed a minimal band in NYC called "Auscult" and released a terrific record that is a true rarity." The full interview can be found here: As mentioned earlier, Ken Fields was one of the founding members of Iron Curtain along with his brother. He was also the one responsible for Iron Curtain's most well-known song, The Condos, in the form we're familiar with. It was originally a dirge-like song, but Ken reorchestrated it one night and made it into the minimal synthpop song we all know and love. Anyway, enough backstory, on to this record: You can definitely tell the brothers grew up with the same tastes. Take a song from the Condos EP by Iron Curtain, slow it down to 33 1/3, add vocals that sound like Steve Fields mixed with Ian Curtis, and that's what Auscult sounds like. Just like Iron Curtain, he uses a simple, repetitive drum machine, synths, and sparse guitars. The only difference is that Auscult is slower and MUCH darker, dirge-like, and depressive than anything Iron Curtain ever did. Even Tarantula Scream doesn't come anywhere close to the melancholy and gloom found here. If Iron Curtain was covering Danse Society's "There is No Shame in Death", it would sound pretty much exactly like the music here. Needless to say, you should probably own this if you don't already!

Now that the word is out that this record is Iron Curtain related, bids will get high I'm afraid. Glad I found a copy earlier this year (I was the only bidder!) 'cos I can't compete with the minimal synth collectors.
Thanks to Sorrow-Vomit for stirring up my interest a little more for trying to get this one.

This is dark, creepy stuff. Recommended!

Auscult MLP (No Label-1986)
1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled


Saturday, May 24, 2008

V/A Complication LP

Here's an interesting compilation from Denmark. A nice overview of what was happening in Denmark around 1984. Most bands in the punk & new wave vein.
This album was released on Bondeskiver, the label of Freshly Riots.
I don't know alot of the bands except for HC punk band War Of Destruction who did a 7" and 12" on Spån Records, same label as The Zero Point.
The Sods turned into Sorte Sol.
Electric Deads released 3 ultra-rare 7"s. Great punk with female vocals.
Track 7 not mentioned on the Substans site but I took the title from Discogs.

Note: this is not my rip but a repost from the now gone PunchDrunk blog. For those who didn't get it there, here's a second chance.

Found an interesting site on Danish wave: Substans.

V/A Complication LP (Bondeskiver-KOLOS 2-1984)
1. Drift - Lys
2. Die Kapelle - Spøgelsesverden
3. Die Kapelle - Lukkede D›re
4. War of Destruction - Nutid-Fremtid
5. War of Destruction - Farlig Glæde
6. No Knox - Danserne
7. Johnny Og De Kolde D
æmoner - In Arms Of The Underground
8. Sort-Hvide Landskaber - Kærtegn
Sort-Hvide Landskaber - Et Lys
10. Tristan T - Hallo Hallo
11. Tristan T - Isolde Danser
12. Tristan T - Ansigt
13. Electric Deads - Fish In A Pool
14. Sods - Ghostrider
15. Freshly Riots - A Fall
16. Freshly Riots - Infantry


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spasmodique - s/t MLP

First vinyl release of Rotterdam band Spasmodique, released on Belgian label Soundwork (La Muerte, Tuxedomoon, Esquisses,...). Started in 1981 after some members played in bands The Torpedos, Slum and Zum Beispiel.
I think the first release was a live tape on French label V.I.S.A.
Spasmodique's next release is the 'From The Cellar Of Roses' LP on Plexus in 1987. Follow-up albums 'Start To Believe' and 'North' were released on Schemer. After a line-up change, 'Haven' was recorded in 1990. The band split but reunited in 1997 to end for the last time in 2003 when singer Mark decided to leave the band. Only one CD 'From Villa Delirium' was recorded in this period.
There's also a book on the history of the band, probably Dutch language only.
Expect some heavy postpunk sounds with hints to the Birthday Party and Crime & The City Solution.

Spasmodique site

Spasmodique on Wikipedia
Spasmodique on Holland Rocks

Spasmodique MLP (Soundwork-SW 12014-1986)
1. Kiss On Your Scars
2. The Small World
3. Your Boyfriend
4. The Stranger
5. He's On Fire


Saturday, May 17, 2008

V/A Bouquet Of Steel LP

Here's another donation from English Paul.
The 'Bouquet Of Steel' comp. album, released in 1980, covers postpunk bands from the Sheffield area. Sheffield is known for bands like The Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, Hula, Clock DVA, In The Nursery,...
Some of the bands like Disease, Shy Tots, Veiled Threat,... are only featured on this album as far as I know.
Artery delivers a very early track and also appeared on their 'Oceans' mini album although probably re-recorded. Simon Hinkler was still a member. Aardvark released their 'Unbalanced' (STEAL 3) and 'Cars In Motion' (STEAL 5) 7"s.
B Troop released a 7" in 1980 and an album 'Europeans' on Illuminated in 1981.
Comsat Angels deliver a somehow different, early version of 'Ju Ju Money' that also appeared on their 3rd album 'Fiction'. Never got the recognition in the UK but they had a strong following in Holland and Belgium. Their first 3 albums and early singles are classics, especially their 2nd one 'Sleep No More'. These have all been reissued on Renascent. After these they changed their sound and went off into oblivion although they kept on releasing stuff. Never heard these so I won't judge them.
I'm So Hollow deliver a track from their 'Emotion/Sound/Motion' album recently posted on Systems Of Romance.
The Musical Janeens released an album 'Sell Out' on Dutch label Plurex. Never heard it but it seems to contain live improvisations.
The Negatives also have a 7" on Aardvark called 'Electric Waltz' (STEAL 1).
Repulsive Alien delivers the punk song here. Has been re-released on one of the PAX comps. in 1984.
Vendino Pact's 7" has been posted a few weeks ago.
De Tian did a split 7" with Spires.
Y? is the band that precedes Danse Crazy , later changing their name to The Danse Society.

Besides the releases mentioned, the label also released the 'All The Naked Heroes" (STEAL 4) by The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor. A later 7" can be found on Systems Of Romance.

V/A Bouquet Of Steel LP (Aardvark-STEAL 2-1980)
1. Artery - The Slide
2. B Troop - Peroxide Romance
2. Comsat Angels - Ju Ju Money
3. Disease - Psychobin
4. Flying Alphonso Brothers - Video Date
5. I'm So Hollow - Touch
6. Musical Janeens (And Other Party Games) - Glenn Miller
7. Negatives - Was It The Night?
8. Repulsive Alien - Say And Do
9. Scarborough Antelopes - Here We Go Indigo
10. Shy Tots - Robot Maid
11. Veiled Threat - Torch
12. Vendino Pact - Secret Thinking
13. De Tian - Chorale
14. Y? - End Of Act One

Image taken from Rate Your Music.

Bouquet Of Steel

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Siglo XX - s/t MLP

As someone requested some more Siglo XX, here's the band's mini album from 1983. If you like the previous posts, you'll definitely like this one.
Although I own a vinyl copy of this one, I took the songs from a CDR copy of the Antler Tracks CD. Saved me alot of time 'cos my copy is quite worn and it would take me alot of time to clean it up.
A great collection of Joy Division-influenced tracks. Also the early, minimalist version of 'Dreams Of Pleasure'.

Siglo XX MLP (Antler-ANT 013-1983)
1. Answer
2. After The Dream
3. Room
4. Until A Day
5. Endless Corridor
6. Dreams Of Pleasure

Siglo XX

Saturday, May 10, 2008

V/A Hicks From The Sticks LP

This seminal compilation album kindly donated by English Paul. There are a few pressings of this one. First editions originally on Antilles, also Rockburgh and later repressed on Ariola. In 1985, there's another pressing on Thunderbolt but the title has been changed to 'Future Shock'.
Airkraft: song taken from their only 7" released in 1980.
Expelaires: song taken from their 2nd 7". Has Craig Adams (later The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission), David Wolfenden (Later Red Lorry Yellow Lorry), Carl Harper (later Girls At Our Best) and Grape (later 3000 Revs and Groovin' With Lucy)
Clock DVA: wellknown band with Adi Newton with records on Industrial and Fetish. Later members in The Anti Group and The Box. Clock DVA albums can be found on a few blogs.
Music for Pleasure: song taken from the first 7". More of them can be found on Mutant Sounds.
Nightmares In Wax: song from the 'Birth Of A Nation 7". More of them on Music..isms. With Peter Burns later of Dead Or Alive.
Ada Wilson & Keep In Dark: Ada Wilson was also in Tattoo Hosts Vision On! which released an album on Ambergris in 1980.
Modern Eon: song taken from the Pieces 7" EP. After a few 7"s they released the 'Fiction Tales'LP on Dindisc. You can find that one on Systems Of Romance.
Medium Medium: song taken from the 1979 7". Had a culthit with 'Hungry, So Angry'. John Rees Lewis & Nigel Kingston Stone later in C Cat Trance.
Radio 5: track taken from their only 7" on Rockburgh.
They Must Be Russians: One of the longer running bands here. Formed in 1979 and split up in 1986 with releases on Fresh, First Floor and Native.
Section 25: no introduction necessary. Legendary Factory band.
Art Failure: no further info I could find.
I'm So Hollow: great postpunk from Sheffield. One 7" and one album. Can be found on Annie's Animal.
Wah! Heat: early Wah! incarnation. Formed in 1979 by Pete Wylie, one of the Crucial Three members. Early Wah! is way underrated. Check the 1st album on L'Invitation Au Suicide.
Stranger Than Fiction: synthwave band with one 7" on Ambergris.
The Distributors: B-side of the 'Wireless' 7". One of the 1st bands on Red Rhino.

V/A Hicks From The Sticks LP (Rockburgh Records-ROC 111-1980)
1. Airkraft - Move In Rhythm
2. Expelaires - Sympathy (Don't Be Taken In)
3. Clock DVA - You're Without Sound
4. Music For Pleasure - The Human Factor
5. Nightmares In Wax - Shangri-La
6. Ada Wilson & Keep In Dark - Head In The Clouds
7. Modern Eon - Choreography
8. Medium Medium - Them Or Me
9. Radio 5 - True Colours
10. They Must Be Russians - Where Have I Seen You
11. Section 25 - After Image
12. Art Failure - Gimmick
13. I'm So Hollow - I Don't Know
14. Wah! Heat - Hey Disco Joe
15. Stranger Than Fiction - Immortal In Mirrors
16. The Distributors - TV Me

Hicks From The Sticks

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vazz - Feverpitch 12"/Pearls 12"

Here's the rest of the Vazz output. Many thanks to Hugh who offered me to buy some unplayed copies of these (plus the 7" and a CD of his recent solo work) for a very reasonable price.
The 'Feverpitch' 12" was released after the 'Your Lungs And Your Tongues' mini album and shows Vazz from a different side. A great combination of Anna's ethereal voice with beautiful guitarwork of Hugh.
The 'Pearls' 12" was the band's last release. A great, more uptempo song. The other side is a remixed dub version of the same song.

Feverpitch 12" (Cathexis Recordings-CRV 7403-1987)
1. Feverpitch
2. For A Reason
3. You Haunt Me

Pearls 12" (Cathexis Recordings-CRV 7405-1987)
1. Pearls (Vocal)
2. Pearls (Dub)

Vazz (new link)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shark Taboo - Early Singles

As promised, here are the early 7"s of Shark Taboo.
didn't know about the existence of the 'Crossfire' 7" until recently. Doesn't come with a sleeve so no cover scan, but has a lyric sheet. The line-up is different from the later records. Gill Dye seems to be the constant member but Suzi Webb (ex-Slits) doesn't play on this one.
The title tracks of the other two 7"s appeared on the 'Seeds Of A Lunatic' album in slightly remixed versions.

Crossfire 7" (Risque Records-SRTS 82 CUS 1374-1982)
1. Crossfire
2. Dream Crumble

Troineann Siad 7" (Lambs to The Slaughter-TEETH 4U-1984)
1. Troineann Siad (The Fight)
2. Escape

The Big Sell 7" (Crisis Records-CSS 2-1985)
1. Big Sell
2. Pacific Paradise