Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two - Dreaming Spires LP

The only full-length released by synthduo Two. Has some experimental tracks as well. Side B is onyl one track 'It Won't Work' that last more than 15 minutes.
Don't let the cheesy sleeve fool you. Interesting but quite hard-to-find album on Future Records.
WAV provided by bX59-cppw and converted to MP3 and FLAC by me.

Dreaming Spires LP (Future Records-FL 3-1983)
1. Picture Frame
2. Waiting
3. Regime
4. Architecture
5. Pale Yellow
6. The End
7. It Won't Work

Dreaming Spires - 320

Dreaming Spires - FLAC

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mediafire account suspended

Bringing you the sad news that my account on mediafire has been suspended. Thanks to some LA company that claimed copyright violation on the 'Susan' Story' 12" of Cry Of The Innocent. A bit strange as former member Lee made a comment on that one a long time ago, without asking me to pull down the link.
Don't know what I'll do in the future. All links are down for the moment.

Got a response from Gypsy Lee Pistolero (ex-singer of Cry Of The Innocent):
Hi Vince,
It wasn't me and you don't have to take it down. Tossers!
& Viva you for promoting hidden gems!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some files removed

The 'Industrial Warfare' album of Headhunters was removed due to copyright violation. Got a message from some French organisation. Strange as the other Headhunters records or other Shout-related material cause no problems. Checked if there's maybe a reissue but nothing shows up. Maybe an ex-member of Headhunters could provide more info?
Also the 12" of Sardine V was removed. The Australian band Hunters + Collectors made a problem. I know they cover a song 'Stuck On You' by Sardine V but they're not the writers of the song. Ian Rilen is. Can someone explain why a band that does a cover can have an issue with a song they didn't write?
Files won't be re-upped 'cos I don't want to get into trouble. Just want to let you know.
And I always encourage people to buy reissues. Support those individuals that spend their time and money to locate ex-members, mastertapes, pressing records, etc... .

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Two - Waiting For Winter 12"

Good quality rip of the 'Waiting For Winter' 12" of Two. Released on Future Records (Blitz, The Wild Flowers, And Also The Trees, Rhythm And Faith, ...).
WAV provided by bX-59cppw and converted to FLAC and MP3 by me.
Two were a duo from the UK and did four releases. The first three on Future Records and another 12" on Reflex Records. Atmospheric synthwave. Should be reissued! Quite hard to find and/or very pricey.

Waiting For Winter 12" (Future Records-FS 10-1983)
1. Till Five Weeks
2. Thoughts For B
3. Waiting For Winter
4. Untitled

Waiting For Winter - 320

Waiting For Winter - FLAC