Sunday, March 25, 2012

Month Of Sundays - Hard World 7"

Another gift from bX-59cppw.
Pretty obscure goth 7" from UK band Month Of Sundays. Not a lot to add. The songs are quite long and being pressed on the 7" format, the sound is overall quite muddy. Should've sound better on 12" I suppose.

Hard World 7" (Deathmarch Records-DMR 1-1985)
1. Hard World
2. The Kiss Of Death

Month Of Sundays

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Colours - Dierdre Is An Artist 7"

Another gift by bX-59cppw.
Cool DIY UK new wave/postpunk. Title track appears on one of the UK Messthetics comp. CDR series.
Not a lot of info on them. Simon Matthews was in the Rest before and took most songs from that band to the Colours.

Dierdre Is An Artist 7" (See Saw Sounds-SAW 1-1980)
1. Dierdre Is An Artist
2. Over My Head
3. Facts Of Life


Colours - FLAC