Saturday, February 28, 2009

Masoch - s/t 12"

Pretty rare 12" of this French new wave/synthpop band.
Before this 12" came the split 7" with Les Provisoires in 1982 which you can find here.
Not much to be found on Masoch so any extra info is welcome.
Quite cheesy cover artwork.

Masoch 12" (XIS-XS 2002-1984)
1. Petit Valet
2. Strip-Tease
3. Barcelone
4. Des Poils Sur Moi
5. Quand Musclée


Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Hook'n'Pull Gang - Pour It Down Yer Throat/Gasoline 7"

Discovered this great 7" on Texas Jumblesales (RIP) a few years ago, run by English Paul. I found a copy myself recently so I can offer it here as well.
The Hook'n'Pull Gang were 2 girls/1 boy playing indie rock with goth influence.
Guitarplayer Rita Blazyca was later a member of Die Cheerleader.
So for those who missed it the first time, here's your chance.

Pour It Down Yer Throat/Gasoline 7" (Bitch Hog Records-BITCH 1-1987)
1. Pour It Down Yer Throat
2. Gasoline

The Hook'n'Pull Gang

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Comic Book Opera - s/t LP

I think it was Rainy Day Sponge who requested this one a while ago.
The Comic Book Opera LP is one of the releases on the Insight label, run by Eric Cope of Glorious Din. It's also quite different from the other releases. Most of these like the Glorious Din albums and the Spahn Ranch LP, have a bit of a darker, gloomy atmosphere. Comic Book Opera are an instrumental band with an experimental and jazzy edge. Some pieces also have an Eastern feel. Not something I usual listen to but it's a nice listen in fact. Sometimes it gets a bit too 'free jazz', especially with the saxophone.
I think Connie (saxophones, funeral horn) and Jesse Walkershaw (bass) are the core members of the band. Other members play drums, keyboards, guitar, cheesy organ and tabla.

For other Insight releases:
Glorious Din - Closely Watched Trains
Glorious Din - Leading Stolen Horses
Spahn Ranch - Thickly Settled
V/A To Sell Kerosene Door To Door

Comic Book Opera LP (Insight/The Laryngitis Label-L-30480-1988)
1. James Bond In Moscow
2. Taksim From Hell
3. No Pity
4. Uptown Cowboy
5. Wobble
6. Keep Myself
7. Death March Of The Homely Ants
8. Flat Cigarette
9. Children Of The Night
10. Dragon

Comic Book Opera

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Hunting Party - Velvet Garden 7"

Mysterious band on Times' Movement Records label. Times of Venus In Furs released his first recordings on Movement. This is the only thing I know of that wasn't by Venus In Furs although Times plays keyboards on this one.
Great gloomy postpunk sound on this 7" by The Hunting Party. Tracks are quite long and this 7" plays at 33RPM. Probably would sound better on the 12" format.

For those interested in the reissues of Venus In Furs, click HERE.

Velvet Garden 7" (Movement Records-Movement 007-1985)
1. Velvet Garden
2. Our Way Of Life
3. When Magic Was In Reach

The Hunting Party