Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bogshed - Peel Session 12" and Brutal LP

Here's another contribution by Phil Long.
Here you have the 1987 recordings of Bogshed. The 'Tried And Tested Public Speaker' 12" is one of the many Peel Sessions the band did.
'Brutal' is a great follow-up to the band's first album posted a while ago.

Tried And Tested Public Speaker 12" (Shelfish Records-SHELF 3-1987)
1. Tried And Tested Public Speaker
2. Champion Love Shoes
3. Little Grafter
4. Morning Sir
5. Fastest Legs
6. Adventure Of Dog

TATPS (new link)

Brutal LP (Shelfish Records-SHELF 4-1987)
1. Raise The Girl
2. Geoff's Big Problem
3. Old Dog New Dance
4. No To Lemon Mash
5. I'm The Instrument
6. Opportunatist Knocks
7. People Equal Greedy
8. Sing A Little Tune
9. C'Mon Everybody
10. Uncle Death Grip
11. Spring
12. Loaf


Friday, September 28, 2007

Noseflutes - 3 albums

Here's the rest of the Noseflutes discography. Phil hasn't been sitting still and ripped all three albums of the band. Still need to listen to most of it myself. The files contain scans of the front and back sleeve.
'Several young Men Ignite Hardboard Stump' album released on Reflex Records. The other two on their own Rictus label.

Several Young Men Ignite Hardboard Stump LP (Reflex Records-LEX 5M-1986)
1. Perfect Cockney Hard-On
2. Romance Takes Control
3. Dreamboat
4. Bullet Enters Brad
5. This Is My Home
6. Lumbo/The Harmony Of Dogs
7. Holiday Time
8. Past Promise Broken In Previous Life
9. Why Is Everyone A Man?
10. The Sugar Ranch
11. Cowboy Factory


Zib Zob And His Kib Kob LP (Rictus Recordings-REAP 001-1989)
1. Needle To The Sackcloth
2. Yellow
3. Charms
4. Spitball On My Kisser
5. On The Same Level As Too Much
6. Fruitfly
7. Puffing Collapse
8. Pump Ass
9. Eminent (You Call Me That)
10. No Plans
11. Thug Thug Thug
12. Treated Older
13. Paradise Smells Wonderful To Me
14. Families Disappear

Zib Zob

Mellow Throated LP (Rictus Recordings-REAP 002-1991)
1. Mellow Throated
2. Ossified
3. Give Me The Keys
4. Lurkin' In The Jerkin
5. Dappled Offspring
6. Oven Of Arson
7. Farrago
8. Gum Goddess
9. Pressed Fur
10. Much Decorated
11. The Soiler

Mellow Throated

Thank you very much Phil!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

17 Pygmies - Jedda By The Sea LP

Don't think I've seen this one on any blog lately. Here's the first full lenth of 17 Pygmies and second release. The first is the Hatikva 12". Has been re-released on CD in the 90's but is out of print now.
Can be considered as a Savage Republic (who split up for the first time) album as 2 members are responsible for a lot of tracks, Bruce Licher and Mark Erskine. And Robert Loveless and Philip Drucker were also Savage Republic members. Actually tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 12 were originally performed by Savage Republic, but never released before.
A lot of variety on the album: ethereal pop to tribal percussion to soundscapes.
17 Pygmies are still going and have a myspace page here.
My copy is the German pressing. Originally released on Resistance Records. Sleeves of the original issue are all handpainted.

Jedda By The Sea LP (Rough Trade Germany-RTD 27-1984)
1. Words Never Said
2. Waiting To Arrive
3. Still Waters
4. Moment In Ceylon
5. Jerusalem
6. By The Sea
7. Last Grave At Dimbaza
8. Lazarus
9. The Living
10. Hollow Lands
11. Tropical Grasslands
12. Nocturne

17 Pygmies (new link)

Noseflutes - Girth 12"

First release of The Noseflutes, kindly donated by Phil Long. This 12" and the first album were released on Reflex Records (And Also The Trees, The Very Things, Wild Flowers) before they went to Ron Johnson.
Check my previous post on The Noseflutes for more details. The albums are on the way.

Girth 12" (Reflex Records-RE 11-1985)
1. Girth
2. Sawdust And Glass-Kicking Ass
3. Give Me The Keys
4. Shallow For Deep


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yeah Yeah Noh - 12"s

Let's get back to some more In Tape releases. My second post on Yeah Yeah Noh. Posted the singles comp. 'When I'm A Big Girl' before but no comments left although it has been downloaded over 200 times.
The first one is the 'Another Side To Mrs. Quill' 12" and the title track is one of the best songs they ever did. 'Magic Roundabout Mix' is actually a remix of the title track. Weird to see a band like Yeah Yeah Noh doing such thing.
The 'Temple Of Convenience' 12" is the last release of the band before they broke up. Track 4 (a cover of The Beatles' song) is not by Yeah Yeah Noh but by 60's band The Psychedelic Filberts. They discovered the tape in the cellars of Barkby Road Studios. This song was recorded live in Hamburg and Yeah Yeah Noh liked it and wanted more information on The Psychedelic Filberts.
Side B of the 12" is one track divided in three parts. You can hear John Peel as they used samples of his voice while he announced Yeah Yeah Noh in his show.

Another Side To Mrs. Quill 12" (In Tape-ITTI 020-1985)
1. Penetration
2. Wendy's In The Woods
3. Another Side To Mrs. Quill
4. Magic Roundabout Mix

Temple Of Convenience 12" (In Tape-ITTI 023-1985)
1. Temple Of Convenience
2. The Time Beings
3. Mr. Hammond Is Out To Lunch
4. Rain (by The Psychedelic Filberts)
5. Jigsaw
- The First Corner
- Edges
- The Missing Piece

Yeah Yeah Noh

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Children's Hour - 7" & 12"

Another contribution from Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso. Never heard of this New Zealand band before. Children's Hour play excellent postpunk. The 'Ya! Ya! Ya!' 7" and 'Flesh' 12" are the sole releases of the band although there are other songs that appeared on compilations. Here the entry on Children's Hour found on Discogs:
Whilst Chris Matthews was struggling within the pop-confines of the Prime Movers, Johnny Pierce (bass), Grant Fell (guitar) and Bevan Sweeney (drums) were forming their own sound as Children's Hour. More intense and experimental than what the Headless Chickens eventually became (Children's Hour were essentially the chooks in their original incarnation), they fused electronic and analog instrumentation, and wrote thoroughly brooding rock music that actually went rather unnoticed. Matthews (vocals / guitar) eventually joined the trio in 1983, and it was this line-up that released two eps on Flying Nun - and went on to tour New Zealand. Fell left for Australia, but after a short-absence, the group eventually reformed as the International Headless Chickens, and with Fell back in line (and the 'international' dropped), the Headless Chickens went on to become one of New Zealands' most successful bands. In 2005 the core remaining members (plus failsafe's Rob Mayes) reconvened for a handful of reunion performances, playing a swag of material both old and new, released as 'Looking For The Sun' - as part of Mayes archival 'retrogenic' series.
Bassist John Pearce committed suicide in 1986.

Flesh 12" (Flying Nun-FN C60-1983)
1. Caroline's Dream
2. Go Slow
3. I Know Where She Lies
4. Slaughter House
5. Looking For The Sun

Ya! Ya! Ya! 7" (Flying Nun-KID 001-1984)
1. Stuck Pig
2. Washed Away

Children's Hour

Image of the 7" taken from Discogs. Image of the 12" taken from Rateyourmusic (thanks for the link anonymous).

Friday, September 21, 2007

New link for Flue - Vista LP

I decided to put up a new link for the Vista LP of Flue. Have seen on my statcounter that some people land on that page who are probably disappointed that they can't listen to this album. It's not easy to find and out of print for the moment. Don't know who decided to block the initial link on mediafire, but if an ex-member has a problem with the album posted, please let me know in the comments section. Otherwise I think it's just a troll who likes to annoy bloggers.

For the Vista album, click here.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Marc Riley With The Creepers - Fancy Meeting God ! LP

Someone asked for some more Marc Riley. Here's the second album and one of their best. While the early records still had a big The Fall influence, this one shows more a sound of their own.
'Fancy Meeting God' is the last release as Marc Riley With The Creepers. After this one (and a line-up change) they shortened their name to The Creepers. Don't have any of the records released as The Creepers.

Here some links for more info:
Marc Riley on MySpace

Fancy Meeting God ! LP (In Tape-IT 015-1985)
1. Breakneck 1
2. We Don't Say
3. Oh! B.K. O.K. !
4. Judas Sheep
5. Wanna Cocktail Hate Tale
6. Breakneck 2
7. Harry's Chin
8. Poop Scoop
9. Down In The Bunker
10. Fly The Nest

Fancy Meeting God

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Glorious Din - Closely Watched Trains LP

As promised to Fritz Die Spinne, here's the second album of Glorious Din from San Francisco, CA. Sounds somehow different to the first album, 'Leading Stolen Horses' posted on Fritz Die Spinne. 'Leading Stolen Horses' is probably their finest moment but their second one is an enjoyable listen too. Some people compare it to REM probably 'cos it's more melodic and of the use of acoustic guitars, but it still sounds desolate. The Joy Division influence still shines through.
It's a very long album and I ripped it at 256 kbps so I had to split the file.

Closely Watched Trains LP (Insight-GD 12987-1987)
1. Stilt Walkers
2. Red Dirt
3. 1651 Map
4. Another Train Pulls In
5. Sirens At Night
6. Cardboard Boxes
7. Empty Milk Bar
8. Voices Everywhere
9. Circle Star
10. Closely Watched Trains
11. Narrow Streets
12. Blood

Closely Watched Trains

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Batfish Boys - The Gods Hate Kansas LP

Requested by Phil Long.
Here's the first and probably best album the band released. Never heard their other albums but from what I've read it seems these are not that interesting.
Trouserpress on 'The Gods Hate Kansas':
When singer Simon Denbigh was booted from March Violets, he wasted little time in assembling a more conducive outfit. On The Gods Hate Kansas, the Batfish Boys take the Violets' dark post-punk and give it a traditional rock setting. Several of the best moments ("The Tumbleweed Thing," "Mrs. Triffid" and the terrific single, "Swamp Liquor") are reminiscent of the Cramps or Gun Club, utilizing creepy, twanging riffs and Denbigh's weird, roughly grumbled lyrics to create a bluesy, desolate atmosphere.

The Gods Hate Kansas LP (Batfish Inc.-USS 102-1985)
1. Real Rough Dude
2. The Tumbleweed Thing
3. Killer Sub
4. Mrs. Triffid
5. Swamp Liquor
6. Chronopolis
7. Lootenant Lush
8. The Birth Of Rock And Roll
9. Garth Rides Out
10. Hot Guns

The Gods Hate Kansas

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Modern English, Cold War, Secession

Here's the first part of singles that Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso sent me.

First one is the very first single of Modern English. This one was released on Limp Records before they signed to 4AD. I only own the 'Mesh And Lace' album, so I am interested in hearing the other early singles.

Modern English - Drowning Man 7" (Limp Records-LMP 2-1979)
1. Drowning Man
2. Silent World

Modern English

Second contribution is the sole release of UK band Cold War. Don't have any further info. Namedrop Records was run by Paul Platypus of 12 Cubic Feet, Exhibit A and Doof.

Cold War - The Machinist 7" (Namedrop Records-NR 4-1983)
1. The Machinist
2. Illusion

Cold War

Third contribution is the first single of Secession. Another UK synth band I know nothing about. Later they signed to Beggars Banquet. Don't know if their later stuff is also interesting.

Secession - Betrayal 7" (The Garden Label-GAR 1-1983)
1. Betrayal
2. Reflections


Images for Cold War and Secession taken from Discogs. Image of Modern English taken from Eyesore.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lulu Kiss Me Dead - 12"s

In the very early days of this blog, I got a request from an anonymous person asking if I had some Lulu Kiss Me Dead. Didn't have anything back then but my curiosity made me look for more. Not very easy to find, especially the 12" version of 'The Ultimate Solution'.
Couldn't find any info on Lulu Kiss Me Dead. If you dig the accessible wave sound of the Situation 2 releases, you might like this band too.
I think both records are the complete discography of the band. Any other info more than welcome. Don't know when the 'Speak To Me' 12" was released (no date on the record) but I guess it was released after the 'The Ultimate Solution' 12". It also came out on a label I don't know anything about. Maybe their own label?

The Ultimate Solution 12" (Situation Two-SIT 39T-1985)
1. The Ultimate Solution
2. This Is Rock 'n' Roll This Is Heaven
3. Spades

Speak To Me 12" (Big Fish Records-CARP 1-198?)
1. Speak To Me
2. Someday Soon
3. Heart And Soul

Lulu Kiss Me Dead

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Mel-O-Tones - s/t MLP

Here's the first release of The Mel-O-Tones from Liverpool. Sounds quite different than the 'Melonheaded' 12". Perhaps it has to do that this one was 'recorded in glorious monophonic'. It gives a raw touch. Actually this is a 12" as it plays on 45RPM but it is listed in the LP category of Probe Plus Records.
Here's a bit more from the Headheritage review:
The general production quality is on a par with the Electric Eels and is likewise all the better for it and distinctly non-eighties.'Burton buzz' manages to constantly sound on the verge of falling apart and rip the shit out of Simon le Bon at the same time.What more could you ask for?

The Mel-O-Tones MLP (Probe Plus-Probe 3-1985)
1. Bomb Sutra
2. Burton Buzz
3. Lice Age
4. Scaffold
5. 40 Nights
6. I Walked With A Bugs Bunny Bendy Toy


Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Gentry - Website launched!

Those who enjoyed the 'Fragments Of Truth' album of The Gentry need to visit the brandnew site of the band. In fact, The Gentry is playing again. There's also a cassette only release you can listen to. And a bunch of pictures. More to come in the future.
The site is only in Dutch for the moment but an English version follows.

The Gentry

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Odessa - s/t 7"

Another contribution from Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso.
Odessa were a cold wave band from France. Don't know much more. They recorded a tape before this 7" and contributed to some comp. tapes and LP.

Odessa 7" (Murnau Records-1984)
1. Attente
2. Dark Inside
3. Comrad

Image taken from French New Wave.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Vex - Demo

Some of you were waiting to hear this one. Thanks to Mr. Magoo for providing this recording.
A pity that Vex didn't release more records besides the 12".

1. It's No Crime
2. Pain
3. Pressure

Vex Demo

And go to Running Riot to thank Mr. Magoo for this! He had to restore the cassette to make this possible.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Links update part 3

Almost all links have been replaced except the next ones:
- Marc Riley With The Creepers - Cull and more
- Marc Riley With The Creepers - Gross Out LP
- Brigandage - Pretty Funny Thing MLP
- Smashchords 12"
- The Loved One - Locate And Cement LP
- Fade To Black - Corridors Of Gender MLP
- No Trend - Too Many Humans LP
- No Trend - A Dozen Dead Roses LP
These will be updated from next weekend on.

The Flue - Vista LP download link is down 'cos mediafire probably received a complaint. Didn't receive any comment to take the link down so I'll see how I can fix this.

No repost of the Blood & Roses LP as there is a reissue out now on Cherry Red/Anagram.