Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skinner Box - s/t LP

Skinner Box was the project of Julianna Towns (ex-Peace Corpse). On her first album she had lots of help of Mark Erskine, member of Savage Republic. Skinner Box was one of the first bands to produce what was later often referred to as "heavenly voices". But it will appeal also to those who like later Savage Republic or 17 Pygmies. Julianna Towns has also worked with Black Tape For A Blue Girl.

2 albums followed, 'The Playhouse' and 'The Imaginary Heart Of', both also released as 1 CD.

All albums originally released on Bobok, Ltd (seems to be a Toxic Shock sublabel) but my copy is a pressing on Fundamental. Other releases on Bobok include albums of Billy Atwell, Insulin Reaction and Jack Endino.

The Insulin Reaction LP (plus first 7") can be found on Goutroy's blog.

Skinner Box LP (Fundamental Music-SAVE 64-1988)
1. Drowning Street
2. Field Of Holes
3. Slide Of Glass
4. Grenadine
5. A Low Bird
6. The Turnaround
7. Proud Flesh
8. Filed Under R
9. Born To Be Ice
10. At The Portal

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cyan Revue - The Gift 12"

First ever vinyl release of this outstanding postpunk band from Hamburg, Germany.
For more on Cyan Revue, visit Fritz Die Spinne's blog. And don't forget to read the comments for more information.
Tobias Gruben was later in Die Erde and Heroina. He passed away in 1996.
I included their contribution on the mostly HC/punk comp. LP 'Life Is A Joke Vol. 2' as bonus, as it is exclusive to their albums.

The Gift 12" (Cyan Records-CR0184-1984)
1. Dock 11
2. Seven-Eyed-Horse
3. Resight
4. Last Voice
5. Wasps
6. Intoxication
Bonus track from V/A Life Is A Joke Vol. 2 LP (Weird System-1986)
7. Cyanide Repressative

The Gift

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fracture - A Sign 7"

Here's another cool postpunk gem from the UK. Think this is the only release of Fracture. And as with many of these, no info to be found.

A Sign 7" (Shock Records-SHOCK 1-1982)
1. A Sign
2. The End Of All Time


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sacred Bones Records proudly presents...

Caleb of Sacred Bones Records has 2 releases out that you should check out.

First one is the 13th Chime LP which contains all three singles and a few unreleased songs. This is the first part of the 13th Chime discography as another LP follows which should've been their full-length that never got released back in the day. For those not interested in vinyl, a full discography CD will be released as well in the future.

Second one is of The Cultural Decay. I posted their first 7" before so you should know them. Great cold wave from Belgium. 2 editions exist: one on vinyl with both singles and a few rehearsal/demo tracks. The CD version has more unissued songs.

Sacred Bones Records

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Airmail - In A Moment/No Human Feeling 7"

Here's an interesting 7" of a band called Airmail. Released in 1979 on their own Graffiti label.
Don't know anything about them but if you dig the early Siouxsie & The Banshees sound than you'll probably like this one too. Vocals are similar to the one of Siouxsie and both tracks are somewhat monotonous songs.

Airmail 7" (Graffiti-GIT 01-1979)
1. In A Moment
2. No Human Feeling


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Into A Circle links removed

Just want to let you know that I removed all download links for the Into A Circle records. The reason is that I found out that Cherry Red put out a discography CD recently. So better support the indie labels and buy that CD if you really need it.

Into A Circle discography CD on Cherry Red.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

V/A Essai LP

Hard-to-find but quality compilation on Facteurs D'Ambiance. This label was run by the people behind Martin Dupont who, off course appear on this one as well.
The other more well known band is L'Enfance Eternelle. They released two albums that are quite rare but a discography has been released on Infrastition.
Begin Says later shortened their name to B. Says 'cos of a dispute with a French sugar mark.
Men For Ben only released these songs.
For those interested, the Martin Dupont albums have recently been re-released on Infrastition. All are much sought after so take your chance to get them for a fair price. Also check for more cult cold wave re-releases as well.


V/A Essai LP (Facteurs D'Ambiance-AA 33 001-1988)
1. Martin Dupont - Andreï Roublev
2. Martin Dupont - Hidden Inside
3. Martin Dupont - Just Because...
4. Men For Ben - Les Crevettes
5. Men For Ben - Okorakor
6. Men For Ben - Vous
7. Martin Dupont - I Love The Lovers
8. Begin Says - Arbeit
9. Begin Says - The Begin
10. Begin Says - Lenine Said
11. L'Enfance Eternelle - Les Clowns
12. L'Enfance Eternelle - Les Longs Rivages
13. Martin Dupont - Pellicola