Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Leather Nun - 12"s

Time for some rawk'n roll! Here's the 3 12"s that The Leather Nun released before the 'Alive' LP. Some of the tracks ended up on that live album. The 'Prime Mover' 12" was also released as a 7" on Subterranean in 1983. The title tracks of '506' and 'Desolation Ave' are both moody, lengthy tracks.
The most odd song is 'F.F.A.' co-written with Monte Cazazza. Don't know if he was responsible for the lyrics but these are hilarious! You'll soon find out what the initials stand for after hearing the song.

506 12" (Wire Records-WRMS 005-1985)
1. 506
2. Fly Angels Fly
3. I'm Alive

Desolation Ave 12" (Wire Records-WRMS 007-1985)
1. On The Road
2. Son Of A Good Family
3. Desolation Avenue

Prime Mover 12" (Wire Records-WRMS 010-1986)
1. Prime Mover
2. F.F.A.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hack Hack - Despite Amputations MLP

I'll do Fritz Die Spinne a favour. Here's the mini album of Hack Hack. Another one of those obscure bands on Shout Records. NG, drummer of Headhunters also played on this record. Personally I like 'Hymn For The Discontented' most.
As far as I know there were only 3 mini albums released on Shout. This is the second one. The first one is the Wicked Kitchen Staff record and third one the Vonbrigdi (Iceland) 'Kakofonia' MLP. Never heard the latter one.
Anyone has more info on Hack Hack?

Despite Amputations MLP (Shout Records-MX 002-1983)
1. Monster Ash-Tray Man
2. Chambermaid
3. Door Slam
4. Ride A Horse
5. Run In To Me
6. Hymn For The Discontented

Hack Hack

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hound God With A Tumour

Hound God With A Tumour was Harry Stafford's project after the Inca Babies split up. I suppose this band only had 2 members. Drums were replaced by a drum machine. The songs are still in the well known Inca Babies style. No further info to be found on Hound God With A Tumour. Released on John Robb's Vinyl Drip label.

Autograph My C.I.A. Assassination Manual MLP (Vinyl Drip-SUK 005-1989)
1. Autograph
2. Up
3. You Have My Name
4. Dead Dead Car
5. Beer Gut For Bob
6. Diablo
7. Jake's Frag Party

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hits $ Corruption

"1985 - 86. Yet more dross and drivel from the corporate claw...the song remains inane, or, more appropriately, the formula remains profitable. They're laughing themselves stupid in those boardrooms...this must be a capital wetdream; all profit and no risk. Why stick your multinational neck into the murky world of product development when obscure little labels will charge around quite happily developing those noisy little bands with their strange cultural references and, as often as not, peculiar political allegiances.
And then...every now and then, up pops a new sound which we, the flacid consumer, is only too happy to spend our spare pennies on. Hey Presto! A discreet moulding of image here, pop star glad rags there and watch those gold discs roll in. Handshakes all around; except in the basement off course.
Anyway, we at HITS $ CORRUPTION, in an attempt to enter into the spirit of the thing, have had our A. & R. people touring the country in search of that prospective SMASH...the next big thing. From the twisting path of the M-62 as it wends its way twixt lofty Pennine peaks, down to the switchback snarl of Birmingham bound M-5 terror and even further south to that concrete calamity the M-25 orbital. Why, we've done all we can. Now jolly consumer, it's up to you. Tell us who we should pour our investment capital into...which band's name will our accountants misspell? Only you can tell us! Why, here the consumer is king (in a gilded cage naturally)."

Nice compilation of indie artists. Most of them from the UK except The Ex and Eton Crop (Netherlands), and Sonic Youth and Ut (USA).
Cover art by Jon Langford.

Hits $ Corruption LP (HAC 1-1986)
1. Blurt - Poppycock
2. The Ex - Choise
3. A.C. Temple - Cold Recipe
4. Tools You Can Trust - Can Of Worms
5. Carlton B. Morgan And The Supernormals - Einstein For A Walk
6. Muslimgauze - Unwelcome Visitors
7. The Noseflutes - Holidaytime
8. Sonic Youth - World Looks Red
9. Pigbros - What Counts
10. Eton Crop - Red Handled Cutlery
11. Bogshed - Packed Lunch To School
12. Ut - Ampheta Speak
13. Fishwives - Thunderbird Knuckle

Hits $ Corruption

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Phantom Limb - Dance Of The Guilty 12"

Sole release of this unknown but quite interesting band. Phantom Limb were from Oostende, Belgium although sometimes mistaken for a Dutch band as the record was released on Sublabel, a sublabel of Torso Records.
5 tracks of excellent cold wave typical of the era, of which 'Numbered Hills' is an instrumental. Hard to find or quite expensive but once in a while there pops up a copy over here for a decent price.
As far as I know there were only 2 releases on Sublabel, this one and the Neon 'A Day In The Land Of Lost Horizons' 12".

Dance Of The Guilty 12" (Sublabel/Torso-VR 22141-1982)
1. Beast Of Eden
2. Dance Of The Guilty
3. Far Sound Of Laughter
4. Numbered Hills
5. Deep In Mines

Phantom Limb (re-up)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Seventh Séance - I Could Forget Myself 12"

Here's a complementary post to one of Highlander's at Cactus Mouth Informer.
The 'I Could Forget Myself' 12" was the 2nd release of the enigmatic Seventh Séance. I also included the extra track of the 12" version of the 'Into The Outside' 7" that Highlander posted. This 12" was actually released as the 'Another Empty Face' 12".
Personally I think the 'The Incision' 12" is their best. Grab it here!
Seventh Séance did 2 tapes, 'Ritual 1' and 'Ritual 2'. Anyone out there who has these?

I Could Forget Myself 12" (Icon Records-IC 002-1983)
1. I Could Forget Myself
2. Fantasy Of Reality
3. I Want To Believe In You
4. I Could Forget Myself (Version)

Another Empty Face 12" (Icon Records-IC 003-1984)
1. Another Empty Face
2. Into The Outside
3. Sinking

Seventh Séance

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fur Bible

The Fur Bible 12" was once requested by Monokrom. I could finally get my hands on a copy.
This 12" (also released as a 7") is the only release of the band. Notorious members are Kid Congo Powers of The Cramps and Patricia Morrison, who once was a member of The Bags, Legal Weapon, The Gun Club and after Fur Bible she joined The Sisters Of Mercy. In the mid-90's she even joined The Damned.
Fur Bible also did a tour with Siouxsie & The Banshees.
The songs have a strong Cramps feel but are much darker and moodier. Excellent production work of Clint Ruin (aka Jim Thirlwell).

Fur Bible 12" (New Rose-New 61-1985)
1. Plunder The Tombs
2. Headbolt
3. Fumble Fist

Fur Bible

Thursday, March 15, 2007

S-Haters - Come LP

Here's the last release of the S-Haters. Not all tracks are that great. The outstanding track is the 15-minutes long 'Angel', recorded live in the studio.

Come LP (Midnight Music-Chime 00.04 M-1984)
1. Disposable People
2. Hall Of Suffering
3. 30 Seconds From Hell
4. Soul Cages
5. Angel


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bone Orchard - Penthouse Poultry MLP

Requested by Julio to complete the collection.
This is Bone Orchard's very last release, this time on their own Vax label. A great follow-up to their 'Princess Epilepsy' 12".

Penthouse Poultry MLP (Vax Records-VAX LP 1-1985)
1. Eyesore
2. Scenic Cruiser
3. Dead Eighteen
4. The Basement
5. Penthouse Poultry
6. Dumb Poet

Penthouse Poultry

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Five Or Six - Polar Exposure MLP

'Polar Expore' is I suppose, Five Or Six's second release after the 'Another Reason' 7". Never reissued.
The title track appears on the first side (45 RPM). The second side plays at 33 RPM and is a collection of 4-track home recordings and live recordings from different gigs in Holland.

Polar Exposure MLP (Cherry Red-12 Red 23-1981)
1. Polar Exposure
2. Inclination
3. Outward Conversation
4. The Dreams I Cannot Keep
5. Building Kind
6. Shifting
7. Lost Cause
8. Mud, Clay And Sticks
9. Concoction
10. Cold Climate

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Polar Exposure

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Saigon - Reunion LP + Gothic Bop 12"

Saigon is another mid-80's goth band. They were from Leamington Spa. Couldn't find more info on this threesome. So any info more than welcome.
Had a hard time ripping the LP as it's a very cheap pressing. The 12" has 2 tracks from the album but I include it here for 'City Rises'.
I found out about a band from the UK with the same name that released two 7"s in 1981 on Ryme Time. Don't know if it's the same band or not. These singles are 'Where Are The Roses' and 'Green Carnation'.

Reunion LP (First Floor Records-FF 4-1983)
1. Gothic Bop
2. Newsong
3. Reunion
4. Idyllis Of A Live
5. Smilebreaker
6. 5 A.M.
7. The Case
8. Music For Pleasure
9. Ascension
10. Pipeline

Gothic Bop 12" (First Floor Records-FF 5-1984)
1. Gothic Bop
2. Smilebreaker
3. City Rises


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yeah Yeah Noh - When I Am A Big Girl MLP

Here's another one of John Peel's faves from back in the day. Read what Trouserpress writes on Yeah Yeah Noh:
Like In Tape labelmates the Creepers, this Leicester quartet (later quintet) displays some Fall influence (albeit less harsh) and makes things easy for record buyers by combining several releases onto a single disc. When I Am a Big Girl reprises the first three EPs in their entirety and has such highlights as "Cottage Industry," "Prick Up Your Ears" and "Starling Pillowcase and Why" which, like the rest of the record's songs, are unpolished, raw pop gems with smartass lyrics. Cymbal-less drums and chunky bass lines form a foundation for modest guitar work and Derek Hammond's deadpan baritone. Great fun.
Tracks 1, 7 & 8: Cottage Industry 7"
Tracks 3, 4 & 6: Beware The Weakling Lines 7"
Tracks 2 & 5: Prick Up Your Ears 7"
Third track on the 'Prick Up Your Ears' 7" is a cover of 'Bias Binding' by Terry And Gerry, not included on the MLP.

When I Am A Big Girl MLP (In Tape-IT Sixteen-1985)
1. Cottage Industry
2. Brown Shirt
3. 1901
4. Starling Pillowcase And Why ?
5. Prick Up Your Ears
6. Beware The Weakling Lines
7. Tommy Opposite
8. Bias Binding

When I Am A Big Girl

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Into A Circle - 12"s Pt. 2

And here are the next two 12"s. Both 'Forever' and 'Evergreen' appear on the 'Assassins' LP. On the 12"s you get extended versions of both tracks, the LP versions and a track only released on the 12".

Forever 12" (Abstract Records-12 ABS 044-1987)
1. Forever (extended version)
2. Forever
3. O Siren

Evergreen 12" (Abstract Records-12 ABS 050-1988)
1. Evergreen
2. Beiruit
3. Evergreen (extended version)

Link removed. Buy the Into A Circle discography CD on Cherry Red.

Into A Circle - 12"s Pt. 1

Into A Circle formed in 1985. They were former members of Getting The Fear that released a not-so-interesting 12" called 'Last Salute'. The first release was the 'Rise...' 12" as In Two A Circle. All the later records were released as Into A Circle.
Into A Circle were Barry and Bee. Barry was the bassplayer for Southern Death Cult. Bee used to be in The Danse Society when they were still called Danse Crazy. He also contributed to 'Brown Book' of Death In June and 'In Menstrual Night' of Current 93. Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Current 93,DIJ,...) joined on backing vocals.
Bee now lives in Thailand and is a member of electro-rock band Futon.
There's info on Into A Circle on Wikipedia.
The 'Forever' and 'Evergreen' 12"s will be posted later, as well as the 'Assassins' LP.

Rise... 12" (Arcadia-ARC 001-1985)
1. Rise...
2. And In Flames
3. Gabriel

Inside Out 12" (Abstract Records-12 ABS 042-1986)
1. Inside Out
2. Reward
3. Flow
4. Field Of Sleep

Link removed. Buy the Into A Circle discography CD on Cherry Red.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Princess Tinymeat - Herstory LP

Princess Tinymeat was formed by Haa-Lacka Bintii. The band only lasted for a couple of years.
Haa-Lacka Bintii once was a member of the Virgin Prunes, playing drums and keyboards. It seems he got this nickname because he lacked humour. Princess Tinymeat was also the backstage nickname of Hollywood actor Montgomery Clift.
Princess Tinymeat only did 3 releases. These appear on the 'Herstory' LP, together with 2 comp. tracks.
Tracks 3 & 7 appeared on the 'Sloblands' 12" (1985). Anyone remembers the 'infamous' sleeve ?
Tracks 4 & 8 appeared on the 'A Bun In The Oven' 7" (1985)
Tracks 2,6 & 9 appeared on the 'Angels In Pain' 12" (1986)
Tracks 1 & 5 appeared on the 'You Bet We've Got Something Against You' comp. LP on Cathexis Recordings.
Bintti still makes music under his real name Daniel Figgis. Visit his site here. No mention of Princess Tinymeat though...

Note: the vinyl crackling on tracks 1 & 5 is intentional.

Herstory LP (Rough Trade-Rough 108-1987)
1. Lucky Bag
2. Angels In Pain
3. Sloblands
4. A Bun In The Oven
5. Jay Gone Bimbo
6. Put It There
7. The Fairest Of Them All
8. Wigs On The Green
9. Devilcock!